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Miami Herald: McCain defends immigration plan to angry residents This is one of the funnest diaries I've ever written. During a heated town hall gathering in the Phoenix suburb of Sun Lakes, ...
by grytpype
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Fancy someone telling the United States what to do!
by GlowNZ
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Pum...pum...pum! I peak out the window of my darkened room & see a light go on across the way. A dark face cautiously peeks out from the curtain to check the cause of the noise. Que la chi.... You ...
by catilinus
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My last post discussed how the racism we see today developed. This post focuses on the plight of Mexicans and Mexican-Americans. I share it because the issue of illegal immigration is still very ...
by just another vet
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Diary roadmap: Begins with an unpleasant awakening, which reveals an invisible underclass, references an old forgotten (but critical) war or two, continues on with a capitalist rumination on ...
by catilinus
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That's the first thing my 15-year-old son told me yesterday afternoon when he came home from school. No, " Hi Mom, what's going on? " or " Hey, what's for dinner? " or " Can you get this juice ...
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¿Quién los rayos está llorando? I run to the door to see who is crying. Before I get to the door I realize my mistake. But living at the intersection of San Pablo & Richmond , it's about the ...
by catilinus
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Louie Gohmert went on C-Span today and proceeded to try to inject the Boston Marathon bombings into the immigration debate happening in Congress. During the interview, host Greta Wodele Brawner ...
by Steven Payne
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I was watching conservative cable news last night. Bill O'Reilly on Fox News Channel, Glenn Beck on CNN, Sean Hannity on Fox, and the others. They all spoke with the same voice. They all said and ...
by Cenk Uygur
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America is a nation of immigrants, thus, there is no "natural" character that makes us American. America is a mash-up of the cultures of all the people who have come here from all over the world. ...
by catchaz
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by tRueffert
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Aside from the obvious ethnic insult, I'm taking this little gem from the Romney video on a couple of different levels. You don't have to look very hard to smell the unmistakable taint of birtherism ...
by rightiswrong
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It was in a bus like this that I was driven in to an all-white school after being plucked out of my normal school. I don’t know if my Mother received a letter from the district or not. She spoke ...
by carlosgalindo
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Nothing like a little racism/bigotry/xenophobia to get the GOPosaurs going is there? According to NYT Editorial :
by DefendOurConstitution
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With Turkana ...
by Tomtech
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by PatriciaVa
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Sharron Angle's latest immigration mailer (pictured below) hitting Nevada voters' homes is at least as explicit in its race-baiting and stereotyping as its fear-...
by AmericasVoice
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Does this make me a bad liberal? I've been pondering the immigration issue for the last several months since it's been in the news. Perhaps, being an immigrant myself, I am more qualified to ...
by kapil
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Since the 1970 census the US government has been dividing the US population into Hispanic and non-Hispanic groupings. On the 2010 census they used Latino as an alternative term. Among the general ...
by Richard Lyon
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It might surprise many of you that Mexican citizens did not need a visa to enter Canada. That's because they were part of NAFTA and it was assumed that no one from NAFTA should need a visa to enter ...
by The Simple Canadian
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