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Tea Party Poopers Pee on Pedigrees Thousands or at least hundreds or maybe dozens of Tea Party pet owners this week traded accusations of bogus pedigrees and fraudulent ...
by Horsefeathers
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There I was just minding my own business, keeping my nose clean, staying out of trouble and then I opened this innocent looking email. It stated "You are invited..." oh boy, oh boy, who doesn'...
by JaxDem
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I offer to you some Big F*ckin' Pooties....
by Haole in Hawaii
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As has become clear, pooties have taken over DailyKos. Lord Loki has been watching the progress and is pleased.
by Debbie in ME
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Unlike those lighthearted, frivolous pooties, we woozles are serious, ...
by it really is that important
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( AP ) Al Gore is holding a press conference later this afternoon with the National Association of Manufacturers, announcing a cancellation of ...
by A Siegel
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by Horsefeathers
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One year ago, no one believed the Pooties would do it. Even Kos laughed at the idea of DK becoming totally Pootie-fied. Kos laughed, until at 3PM eastern he got so sleepy he decided to turn off his '...
by khloemi
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According to sources at Politico , Rachel Maddow is out at MSNBC. Not many details at this point, but it looks like Griffin did it again. MSNBC ...
by weatherdude
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As Americans become more receptive to the idea of adopting everyday habits that are friendly to the environment, more and more pet-owners are finding ways to make their dogs and cats more eco-...
by StateOfGrace
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Spring is here, and Love is in the air...and on the intertubez! As most of you know by now, fellow Kossacks trs ...
by NormAl1792
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Warning: Photo heavy. A few thoughts about the GOP from the dem pooties seems appropriate on this fine April Fool's day, so I felt compelled to oblige (helped by a good friend). ...
by cany
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by emeraldmaiden
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Wow. Just wow. Can you believe this? The man never takes a day off. From the Guardian UK In a departure from protocol, U.S. President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, spent the ...
by mwchicago04
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by triciawyse
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by TomP
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by khloemi
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An otherwise unreported spill of millions of gallons of Tar Sands oil in Arkansas suddenly received national attention after it was discovered that a gay couple was exchanging their wedding ...
by MinistryOfTruth
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That's right folks, even thought the pooties are not endangered we've still got some saving to do. The Japanese continue to kill endangered Whales, Bluefin Tuna and other creatures of the sea, ...
by Ellinorianne
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I recently acquired a new laptop. The old laptop was nice but beginning to ...
by lamzdotes
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