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As part of my continuing Environmental Series, posted usually each Sunday, today I'm covering the Science and Tech behind Fuel Cells . A very recent Break-Through may make this Renewable ...
by jamess
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People (myself included) are giving you a lot of crap in the comments of your post about the Republican wonder Arnold ...
by juls
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This picture in China requires no explanation. It shows exactly why America's public transportation system is failing. It gives us an exact road map as to how to get on track, to get where we need ...
by udubtub
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I have been extremely busy of late. And when I say busy , I really mean exhausted . I haven't had time to get a good night's sleep in what feels like forever, and it shows in almost everything I do. ...
by Colorado is the Shiznit
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A couple of days ago I went to a panel discussion entitled A Story of Shuttles at SPUR, the San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association. For those of you not living in SF (and the Bay Area),
by citisven
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We are changing. For the better. Maybe we can save our butts yet...? I go back and ...
by mem from somerville
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The RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights has a contest called "Speak Truth to Power". It asks students to make a video about a human right and submit their video to the center. My kids picked ...
by victor harbison
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While ...
by MaryRW
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America: land of innovation, of the can-do spirit, of Yankee ingenuity. Americans were the first people in the world to declare independence from an empire -- and get away with it. Americans dug ...
by Geenius at Wrok
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I walk to a lot of the places I go. I take public transportation some other times. I have a car, but use it very sparingly. I put gas in it about once a month, maybe once every two months. So ...
by mem from somerville
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An entry in my new 21st Century Crisis series and crossposted at Blue House Diaries Back in October, I gave up my car. ...
by eugene
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I was using the other day, with a lot of other people, and thinking about all the money I have blown over the years...how much I could possibly had now, if only I had not accepted the normalcy of it.
by xxdr zombiexx
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My car broke down a few months ago, so I've been taking the bus to work. For nearly forty years, I've driven myself to work and back, so this is a big adjustment for me. In order to calm my fears, ...
by bigjacbigjacbigjac
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A bus comes to a stop in Los Angeles. If it's a busy stop, say the one at Santa Monica Boulevard and Vermont Avenue, where the bus connects with the subway, half the bus will empty, or more than ...
by Red Bean
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I was talking to my mom yesterday, and one thing she told me about was having her gas tank broken into. Somehow, the police were able to apprehend (or whatever the precise procedure they used was) ...
by dirkster42
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Yesterday was a day of protests, small and large. In Los Angeles they came out to protest a proposed law making it illegal to feed the homeless.
by jpmassar
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More than a year ago I realized I was talking shit, about how public transportation was wonderful. About this or that. How I didn't need a car. I realized I still got in my car a lot. I told myself ...
by webranding
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The ...
by Dante Atkins
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I often talk here about how much I like public transportation. When I lived in DC I never got in a car if I didn't have to. Now I live in a somewhat rural area and work out of my house, so I don't ...
by webranding
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Today Minnesotans and all Americans who care about climate change and want to have decent public transit in the Twin Cites ...
by Populista
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