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Barack Obama, if nominated as the Democratic Candidate will carry the most states in the general election since Ronald Reagan in 1984 (49 States). He will make historic changes that will fall ...
by draylogan
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Yes, yes the Federal government is a horrible intrusion into all our lives and if only it could keep its nose out of the states' business! Right? Everyone knows that national monuments are just ...
by Heavy Mettle
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For a more mature and thoughtful take on this topic than my silly drive-by, please see this diary ...
by MeMeMeMeMe
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Jared Lee Loughner Pictures Surface Showing Suspect With Gun, Naked, In 'Bright Red G-String' -- Headline on HuffPo Told ya he was Republican. I just found via Google ...
by Fishgrease
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Update: THE KIDS GOT THEIR PENCILS! (Scroll down to the project below to see the thank you note the teacher just wrote.) Thanks to you Kossacks, these kids are going ...
by hyperbolic pants explosion
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Today’s Meet The Press had a very short segment that is more impactful than most would immediately imagine. Having David Gregory, who over the past several years have appeared to be either an ...
by Egberto Willies
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If you read what I write around here with any regularity at all, (A) that'd surprise the hell out of me! and (B) you're probably sick of hearing me say things like "If conservative polices are the ...
by Front Toward Enemy
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I am becoming increasingly disturbed - strike that, downright angry - at the number of people here at Daily Kos who learned nothing from the "enthusiasm gap"-related disaster we suffered in 2010, ...
by ObamOcala
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So. There you are, stuck in the backwater of a flaming red state, feeling like the only kid wearing sneakers to the prom. Lonely, ain't it? ...
by The Marti
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The ACA. That's right. The Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, actually represents a once in a generation opportunity for Democrats in red states in 2014. But we'e got to get on top of this NOW. ...
by mdmslle
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by willers
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by moiv
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by Egberto Willies
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After serving on the Wichita school board since 1989, including several terms as its President, Jean Schodorf was elected to serve Wichita’s 25th Senate district in 2000. She was re-elected ...
by arealmc
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by Reality Bites Back
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by LieparDestin
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"What's the matter with Kansas?" indeed. Far removed from the media spotlight of New York City or Washington, the intrepid lawmakers of that great state have come up with something new and exciting: ...
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It's all fine and good to have the President endorse a rise in the minimum wage, but when we know that the chance of it passing the House of Representatives is less than Boehner going home sober on ...
by jpmassar
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These are heady days for red state propagandists. After years of leading the nation in poverty, low incomes, poor working conditions, dismal educational performance, awful health care systems, ...
by Jon Perr
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For two decades, Republicans have opposed health care reform not because they thought it would fail the American people, but because they feared it would succeed . Passage of Bill Clinton'...
by Jon Perr
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