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by Rockridge
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A few days ago, when speaking truth to power about the betrayal of David Petraeus to the soldiers and to the American people, I took a little bit of heat from the lurkers and the very small fragment ...
by davefromqueens
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As the 110th Congress prepares to take office, the post-election tug-of-war for the soul of the Democratic Party continues, with DLC folks spinning the election as a victory for centrism and others ...
by Rockridge
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by Rockridge
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by Rockridge
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Written by Glenn W. Smith, Senior Fellow of the Rockridge Institute .
by Rockridge
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A familiar means of denying a reality is to refuse to use the words that describe that reality. A common form of propaganda is to keep reality from being described. In such circumstances, ...
by Rockridge
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The climate debate has gotten underway and biofuels have been promoted as a strong candidate for solving the problem of oil dependence. In this article, I explore how framing has caused public ...
by joe at rockridgeinstitute
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by Carol�White ePluribus Media Book Review editor Crossposted from the ePluribus Media Journal . ...
by ePluribus Media
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A member of Rockridge Nation recently alerted me to a column on SmartMoney.com assailing the "entitlement mentality." Its author, a hedge fund manager, ...
by Rockridge
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But First, A Word From Our Sponsor:
by BeninSC
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by Rockridge
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Written by George Lakoff and Glenn Smith, Senior Fellows of the Rockridge Institute . Research Assistant Christina M. Smith contributed to ...
by Rockridge
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I just finished George Lakoff's book Don't Think Of An Elephant this week. I bought it 2 years ago but never got to reading it. All I have to say is WOW, I should have read it earlier. The Lakoff ...
by OrangeClouds115
Comment Count 55 comments on Wed Nov 22, 2006 at 11:07 AM PST with 38 Recommends
At this time of year it seems there are only two things certain in life, taxes and anxiety about taxes. Instead of the perennial talk of a simplified tax form, how about a simplified understanding ...
by Rockridge
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In an article published today, Chalmers Johnson, a former professor of Asian Studies and one-time consultant to the CIA, makes a persuasive argument that, "We are on the brink of losing our ...
by Rockridge
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As a Fellow at the Rockridge Institute, I’ve been exploring the framing of security and it’s relationship to climate change. While climate change is a relatively new idea, our ideas ...
by joe at rockridgeinstitute
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This is the first of a three part series, to be published over the next few days. Part 2 dissects the metaphors behind traditional political strategies based on the political spectrum of left-right ...
by joe at rockridgeinstitute
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Rockridge Institute: Morality and the Market You hear it all the time from conservatives: &...
by jamess
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How is it that the media still gets away with saying that Obama "lacks substance" when he has taken sophisticated stances on every major political issue? The answer is simple: the media is ...
by joe at rockridgeinstitute
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