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He was a machine operator - a factory man. He spent his whole life employed in the factories that made business forms, water pumps, thermoplastic sheeting. After almost forty years as a dependable ...
by debbieleft
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The grand kids were all in the living room watching Scoopy Doo Laugh Olympics when a commercial came on asking for donations to African orphans, with sad music and graphic pictures of ...
by idahospud44
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That's what the BBC is saying to Americans today. Memorial Day smells still linger on in our homes and we are greeted with these headlines:
by don mikulecky
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My first diary (and oh, I hope it isn't my last) is staring back at me with a blue-bordered blankness, begging me to fill the boxes with clever, astute observations or fiery rants. Sorry to ...
by shesaid
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Last summer, I wrote a diary called Killing Alan: Suicide by Spreadsheet . Alan has a spinal tumor that's very ...
by MsSpentyouth
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"Bullying". The Free Dictionary lists the definition as follows: 1. To treat in an overbearing or intimidating manner.
by RenaRF
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I want to share with everyone here and experience that I had the other night. I was over at a friends house, and we were having a little party. After about an hour or so a limo rolls up, and I see ...
by Craig Burnham
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When a World War II vet sends a message by shooting himself in the head outside a VA clinic, it’s a sign that things are going fairly poorly.
by Brandon Friedman
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Child suicides remind us of challenges facing Indian Country Over the past few months we’ve seen plenty of news stories about celebrities going in and out of jail and fed-up ...
by The Office of Senator Jon Tester
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I came out in a small conservative college in the Midwest. This was in the 1980's. When I did so, I was threatened routinely and mostly anonymously. I am not going to dwell on this, but I will ...
by juliewolf
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When I went upstairs at my parent's house, I found Mom in bed again as she had been so many times before. Each time I got tired of having phone calls go unanswered and friends and family turned away ...
by droogie6655321
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Alan just spent two weeks in the woods to consider his options. He didn't use the gun. He says he probably won't. But it's an option. Because of the tumor growing around his spine, Alan can't ...
by MsSpentyouth
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Today, April 25, students at schools around the country are observing the Day of Silence The Day of Silence, a project of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), is a ...
by a girl in MI
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This is my first diary, so please bear with me if I am awkward, overly verbose or unfamiliar with the subtleties of diary etiquette. What I'd like to do here is give an insider's view of what it's ...
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After almost ten years in IT, my job was eliminated in May.Along with my job went the health insurance for myself, my 17 year old daughter and my bi polar husband. Cobra was too expensive so we ...
by cybermome1207
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There is a very coordinated push to leak details about the late Bruce Ivins to certify that he is the "lone nut" anthrax killer, details which don't entirely hold up upon scrutiny. There's ...
by dday
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As you may imagine, this is a particularly difficult diary to write. I received an email from someone who gave me permission to tell her story. I believe she is registered on Daily Kos and may ...
by nyceve
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The Boston Globe reports today on the tragic case of Carlene Balderrama, a middle-class homeowner in ...
by litho
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Friends, I live in Michigan, in one of the 31 counties represented in the U.S. House of Representatives by none other than Mr. Bart Stupak, a Democrat. You've probably never heard of him. He's a ...
by Michael Moore
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Pretty disturbing news out of Arkansas today, especially considering the recent surge in LGBT teen suicides.
by Chrislove
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