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Miami Herald: McCain defends immigration plan to angry residents This is one of the funnest diaries I've ever written. During a heated town hall gathering in the Phoenix suburb of Sun Lakes, ...
by grytpype
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Now I have some sympathies [albeit limited] with the right wing of the republican party as far as feeling isolated is concerned. As many here have noted I am -a moonbat- on the left wing of the ...
by LaFeminista
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It was the signs people held that caught my attention when I attended the Madison, WI Teabagging Rally. I took pictures of course. Some of these signs are disturbing or funny or sad. My thoughts, ...
by Sark Svemes
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Well seems the tobacco industry, plenty more, loves dealing with them “social welfare” nonprofits that don't do political advocacy, snicker, snicker! Tobacco giant funded conservative ...
by jimstaro
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OK, this was worth me putting off a bit on my statistics homework for this historic teabagapolooza of a day. This is a myspace blog that I think is at least somewhat sincere from a tea-baggers ...
by greenpunx
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I'm a tea drinker. I have been, by choice, for years and years. I don't like coffee. I'll drink coffee once every week or two, either if I've had a horrible night or it's my only caffeinated ...
by indigoblueskies
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I can't tell you how amusing it's been to watch all of the people in Cincinnati who allowed Glenn Beck to get them all riled up slowly but surely return to life as usual,totally blue-balled by the ...
by Spencer Troxell
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The erupting volcano is Obama's fault!! This proves he is the antichrist!
by cherbear
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Lively Facebook conversation this morning, post-Amendment 1 vote in NC. Names and some verbiage changed ever so slightly to protect identities. Thought it was worth sharing. Like I tell some of my ...
by GoGoGoEverton
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What I really like about the shutdown? I was listening to a liar, I mean a conservative radio host on Commute with Carlson, when I went for a cup of coffee a few minutes ago. He was complaining that ...
by warrenproject
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Purity cults have been around for a long time. They all imagine some perfect world, now lost to enemies within society. They seldom enlist more than 5-10% of the body politic, but they tend to be ...
by arion
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In honour of today's "tea parties", I have created the following photo montage/cartoon. I hope that this doesn't cause anyone to.
by 2501
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By being a basically decent person (and bipartisan to a fault) the president has made it very difficult for his most vocal opponents to explain their intense hatred of him. There's only one way for ...
by Spencer Troxell
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This has probably been covered already and excuse the sound byte diary, but why not have Democrats make the simple case that taxes pay for things. Radical, no? For example, if you say you support ...
by DemMajorityJohn
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