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In case your were wondering, it appears as though Barack Obama is totally fed up with the mainstream media right along with us. In fact, he's asking us to do something unprecedented in ...
by GoogleBonhoeffer
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More often than not, and as a matter of fact - systematically, the relevant stories about what is really going on in America are intentionally left out of the mainstream media. This is particularly ...
by janicegwashington
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Update on ways you can help below. (Cross posted at ...
by tremayne
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by Rippe
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Last week I was browsing in a large magazine store at a commuter train station. It occupies a large semi-open air space where commuters naturally pass through. I had grabbed several magazines from ...
by DrSteveB
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Wednesday night at Open Left and Thursday ...
by tremayne
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In the United Kingdom at least .
by Grady in DC
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Well, it looks like mattress manufacturers know their demographic: People who aren't scared of Teh Sex! I just got off the phone with a lovely customer service operator at Select Comfort Corporation,
by earicicle
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You know, I must admit, when I first signed on to the Beck boycott I was participating on principal, but expected little or no impact. Let's face it, we've done these before with little or no ...
by Yemtex
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Yesterday on my public Facebook page, I began following the story of Eden Foods (this is a good place to start ), an organic food company whose products are beloved by many friends, especially my ...
by Lollardfish
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I heard one of the flood of Blabbering Faces quote Ron Fournier's pieces with the lead in that he is "One of the very best political reporters we have". And I got to thinking... I posted a comment ...
by Granny Doc
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Via PR newswire release : CtW Investment Group (
by Hopeful Skeptic
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MSNBC's Donnie Deutsch just called (on air!) for advertisers to boycott Glenn Beck for his "Obama is a racist"
by aggregatescience
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As usual, I am in no position to be writing here as I'm under heavy writing deadlines. However , after reading today that GOP legislators in Michigan, Okalahoma,
by mahakali overdrive
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I doubt that anyone disagrees that David Letterman's joke about the Palins was in poor taste. He came back after Sarah Palin's feigned outrage and admitted the joke was not appropriate. Yet ...
by New Earth
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I am a Nashville area surgeon and a loyal customer of the Nashville Whole Foods ever since it first opened. This is true no longer. I was stunned and deeply disappointed to read Mr. Mackey'...
by shellac
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Arizona is fighting back against the LA City council decision to stop doing business with Arizona &#
by DupageBlue
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Ruh-ro! Ninety-eight major advertisers—including Ford and Geico—will no longer air spots on Premiere Networks’ ‘offensive’ programs. Insiders say the loss will rock right-wing talk ...
by MKSinSA
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Just received this in the the my good ole inbox from Whole Foods. Will comment further, but let's start the discussion here. Are you satisfied? Unimpressed? More livid than ever? Full e-mail ...
by Pragmatic Left
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UPDATE: Go to the bottom to UPDATE #3e to see the good we've done!!! UPDATE #4: Notice to Kos members: Seems Van Duzer's pizza parlor is being inudated with orders. LOL This is great, but they'...
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