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There is no way in Hell that I have the time, energy, or patience to write some meta diary today about this community basically being punked by a rather obnoxious homophobe and racialist bigot who ...
by mahakali overdrive
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When Scribe commented on the reduction in general crankiness yesterday, I confess, I didn't understand. I ...
by Granny Doc
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Last Thursday at about [http://www.dailykos.com/story/2012/10/11/1142972/-Site-Updates 1AM Eastern], the Daily Kos tech team announced a site update that fundamentally changed the way users interact ...
by andgarden
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UPDATE: POOTIE QUEEN UNBANNED! Here's what ct just wrote in the pootie diary: triciawyse managed to trigger the post lock timeout banning by posting too many comments & ...
by KelleyRN2
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Welcome back, all you Cranky Users ... and if you asked for an invitation and didn't get one, blame Markos. I'm not putting much in the body of this diary because I doubt whatever I write will post.
by KelleyRN2
Comment Count 669 comments on Sun Feb 13, 2011 at 10:44 AM PST with 243 Recommends
Is this you, by any chance? "DK4 scares me. I can't figure it out." or "I can't read it." or "I don't know how to [fill in the blank]" or "I hate change." or "...
by KelleyRN2
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by belinda ridgewood
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He who does not trust enough, will not be trusted. -Lao Tzu I trust no one, not even myself. -Joseph Stalin I have been a daily reader of this site since ...
by apotropaic
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by KelleyRN2
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Everyone has their personal list of annoying bugs, functions that don't work as expected, and design changes that either don't make sense, or make blogging more difficult. I hope the powers that be ...
by KelleyRN2
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A funny thing happened on the way to the Recent List Wednesday. KosAbility's diarist Clytemnestra wrote a wonderful, informative diary ...
by KelleyRN2
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As we've learned to navigate our way around the new site and appreciate some of its features, we're also discovering new things to be cranky about. Like Facebook. I like Facebook. My Facebook ...
by KelleyRN2
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by belinda ridgewood
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by KelleyRN2
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Just got a bit tougher, based on the many comments I've seen today, in a variety of diaries, on the issue. What is up? Youtube has gone from using " http " (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) to using "
by Angie in WA State
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by KelleyRN2
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It all started on February 1, 2011, with this diary announcing - on DK3 - the formation of the Cranky Users Group which would help us make the great switch to DK4: Cranky Users is a group for ...
by KelleyRN2
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by KelleyRN2
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In a comment in joanbrooker’s heartbreaking diary Friday night, [Our Women Suffer Too Hearing Their Voices http://www.dailykos.com/story/2011/05/27/978566/-Our-Women-Suffer-TooHearing-Their-Voices?
by noweasels
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Greetings, Cranky Users! It's been an interesting ...
by belinda ridgewood
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