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You have heard the expression "Uppity Nigger", right? We cringe and screw up our faces. We turn away, in horror. When we reference the expression we are so disgusted that we have found a ...
by Granny Doc
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This is good news. Barack Obama is presenting an economic populist message that I believe will help propel him to the White House, along with showing more anger and fight. And he's talking about ...
by TomP
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If predicting the outcome of the election was the national sport in the weeks running up to November 7th, interpreting the results has been the obsession of the aftermath. �Republicans have ...
by Mark Sumner
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It seems that most of you in Daily Kos continue to make fun of McCain's ads and tactics. How many f--in elections do you have to lose before you realize that these ads (even if they're not well done)
by midcoastman
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Here are the senders and subject lines of e-mails I've got in the last few days asking for campaign contributions: DCCC Breaking News: Throw in the towel Democrats 2014: Heart-wrenching defeat ...
by Elwood Dowd
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Call me a cynic. Call me a worry-troll. Call me Chicken Little. Or call me the average black American citizen, as I certainly feel my opinions reflect- but without Hilary's gracious concession and ...
by LoneBlackMan
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An interesting article in today's Washington Post claims that America is dumb and proud of it. Susan Jacoby says, in her article entitled "The dumbing of America", that: The ...
by don mikulecky
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Almost all of us have applied for jobs, auditioned for parts, or sought some position in life in which we were competing with others. Indeed, we may have craved those positions and been deeply ...
by davefromqueens
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by expatjourno
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I usually have either CSPIN or a cable news channel on in the background of my office (NO, not Faux. That really isn't news, anyway). So, when I see BET's Bob Johnson's truly below the belt, uncalled-
by agnostic
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Anyone paying attention to the 2007-08 campaign for President cannot but help to see that the since Iowa the race has been about Obama. The Primary became about him. Could he survive Jeremiah Wright?
by Liberal Youth
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I have to give a head's up to Jack and Jill Politics for this find, which I don't think is on daily kos yet. The JJP post is at: http://www.jackandjillpolitics.com/2008/06/superdelegate-rob-andrews-
by EarthTone
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by Jeffrey Feldman
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The brilliance of this attack's simplicity astounds even me. Use the wingnut GOP base enthusiasm for Governor Palin against John McCain. But, not in the way you may be thinking.
by Hesiod
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Story here--Obama speaks at assisted living facility Very nicely played, for a variety of reasons:
by Initiate Plan B
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by InsultComicDog
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I feel like a broken record, but unless Barack Obama starts attacking John Mccain's character -- he will LOSE this election. Not "might" lose. Not "probably will lose." He "will" lose. Period, ...
by Hesiod
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Recently some have whitewashed McCain's support for hundred years in Iraq. The Columbia Journalism Review http://www.cjr.org/campaign_desk/the_us_iraq_and_100_years.php?page=all , argued that he ...
by SON2007
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Basically, I am a live-and-let-live kind of person when it comes to religion. (I admit I fall to pieces over right-wing extremism). I have not found any religion to pass my own smell test. And most, ...
by Words In Action
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at least I think so. Half of everyone thinks they can be film directors and campaign managers. We can, we believe, generate the terrific ideas that will make a great movie or a political ad (the ...
by Black Max
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