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LANDSLIDE – From Sea to Shining ...
by Al Rodgers
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(Crossposted from The Field .) It's official: ...
by The Field
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After his callow youth, Kennedy came to realize that life would not give him the chance to be president. But life did ask him to be a senator, and he has embraced that role and served ...
by teacherken
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What a beautiful endorsement. Caroline Kennedy, an Icon in this country, has penned a glowing endorsement of Barack Obama on the heels of his huge South Carolina win.
by turneresq
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Merciful Buddha on a saltine, this Caroline Kennedy claptrap has really crawled directly up this site's corn chute, hasn't it? Who in the blue hell knew that would be the thing to reduce a group ...
by droogie6655321
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Sorry for my absence the past few days, but sometimes life intrudes into blogging and news-reading time. Democrats in Congress are working on a full-court media press to show that they will not be ...
by Kula2316
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Out of three full days of coverage of the DNC convention, Bill O'Reilly focused on one, and only one, speech, given by Caroline Kennedy on the subject of the Republican Party's threat to women's ...
by eXtina
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The meeting today between Obama and Al Gore is raising some eyebrows, particularly as it comes a day or two before Obama announces his energy and environmental team. Will Gore be part of that team? ...
by Kula2316
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I only used breaking because the story did, too: BREAKING NEWS Barack ...
by DemDog
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Every so often, you go to one of these events and see something special. I'm not talking about Maria Shriver, yet. One of the first speakers was a woman named Susan, a 93 year-old Korean-American ...
by dday
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I think everyone could predict that Obama would act to close Guantanamo. He said it repeatedly during the campaign and now he is making steps towards keeping that promise. I am more encouraged by ...
by Kula2316
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Happy New Year Kossacks! Once again, Military Times is attributing views to the military as a whole based on highly unscientific surveys of its subscribers. And, once again the media jumps on it as ...
by Kula2316
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Scranton is Hillary's "third" home, outside of Arkansas and New York, it's where her Grandfather is Buried. The blue collar town of 72,000+ poured out Sunday night to see Caroline Kennedy, Bob ...
by Steven R
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MSNBC First Read is reporting that Caroline Kennedy has thrown her hat in the ring for United States Senator from New York. Apparently NBCs Andrea Mitchell has made this report ...
by St Louis Woman
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I agree with John Nichols that the opening day of Congress was not a good one for Democrats. Rather than focusing on what we need to accomplish we have unnecessary drama that should have been ...
by Kula2316
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(Crossposted from The Field .) Now that Caroline ...
by The Field
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by icebergslim
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Guess what? Dick Cheney has found yet another law to evade or just completely ignore. I know, I know. You are completely shocked. This morning, there is much reaction to the man Joe Biden famously ...
by Kula2316
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I thought it would be useful to have a place for those of us watching Senator Kennedy, Representative Kennedy and Caroline Kennedy endorse Senator Obama to talk. The rally hasn't started yet but ...
by Obama2008
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Newspapers around the world are reacting to the latest violence in Gaza, as Israel considers a ground invasion and Hamas continues lobbing rockets into Israeli territory. Also, the GOP continues ...
by Kula2316
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