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This truly was a ...
by Leslie Salzillo
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Plane & Pilot Blog has a commentary by Marc Lee on Harrison Ford and his recent crash at Santa Monica Airport. (The crash was diaried here and here .) Lee ...
by xaxnar
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The hate group, WBC (Westboro Baptist 'Church') showed up, earlier this this year, to picket Santa Monica High School after the school publicly embraced a lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (...
by Leslie Salzillo
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Another day, another shooting, but this one is in my own beloved town in the middle of the day. This shooting, with seven people dead so far (5 pm), had two of the typical hallmarks of these daily ...
by Abstract668
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Turning a protest into absolute mayhem police stifled free speech yet again.
by Horace Boothroyd III
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This is a kossified version of the paper I presented at "Radically Gay: The Life & Visionary Legacy of Harry Hay," a conference held at the Center for Gay and Lesbian Studies at the City University ...
by Dave in Northridge
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While we Occupy seeking justice - to protect the 99% against the tyranny, cronyism and corruption of the 1%. They utilize our tax paid public servants, who are loyal to their pay grade. ...
by laserhaas
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Author John Zerolnick is research director for the Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy. A slightly different version of his ...
by The Frying Pan
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I was there when the polls opened at 7A.M. with about 60 people lined up for at least 5 precincts all to vote in this one location. Coffee was plentiful at a table outside for those who wanted it. ...
by ibar88
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