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NRA speaker’s advice: Keep a gun in your child’s room First, trust no one: “If you’re worried that your kid is going to try to break into the safe that is in their bedroom with a gun in it, ...
by xxdr zombiexx
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The day before the wedding, my little family. I have been a part of the Dkos community since the Dean-Clark wars. I am reaching out today because things have become unmanageable. I am the step-mom ...
by Irish Patti
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With all of the NSA related diaries on the site recently, I have seen folks mention the use of TOR (an acronym for "the onion router") as a means to do things on the web anonymously. Personally, I ...
by Hey338Too
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The kids are off limits, but Sarah Palin's dangerous judgment calls are not. Somehow it's okay to criticize Britney Spears for driving her baby around without strapping him into a car seat, and to ...
by Jesselyn Radack
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In early February, I wrote about Idaho's 'religious freedom' bill proposed by Rep. Lynn Luker (R-Boise). According to Luker, the bill (HB 427) was inspired by a New Mexico case that penalized a ...
by esessis
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It's a throw away line in an article about how Palin uses her family as a political prop. Of course that's the impression I got, that the woman uses them as props first and foremost. That wasn't ...
by katier
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