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On May 22, The Campaign for America's Future gave a conference on The New Populist Majority. The keynote speaker was Elizabeth Warren. The conference confronted the meme that the US is a "center-...
by Auriandra
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House Republican leadership refuses to allow the government to continue operating past midnight. They have yet another harebrained scheme pulled out of who know's ...
by Joan McCarter
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The Senate has officially rejected ...
by Joan McCarter
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Let them eat cake?
by Joan McCarter
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Pat Toomey objects. Of course.
by Joan McCarter
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As KagroX pointed out in his front-page post about the conference agreement process, the Senate will insist that its ...
by slinkerwink
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Rump Speaker Ted Cruz's desire is the House Republicans' command. Last week, Cruz advised the House Republicans to stick by his shutdown ...
by Joan McCarter
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As predicted , House Democrats attempted to replace the House Republicans' mini spending bill for some national parks on the floor Wednesday evening with ...
by Joan McCarter
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There's one more of Rump Speaker Ted Cruz's brilliant ideas down the drain. Cruz told the House Republicans that should pass government funding bills one piece at a time, everything but Obamacare (...
by Joan McCarter
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House Republicans took a page from Rump Leader ...
by Joan McCarter
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The good parts are closed for the duration. The Republican House is still there. Rump Speaker Ted Cruz's mini spending bill plan , ...
by Joan McCarter
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From the LA Times editorial by two geneticists: What makes people gay? Is it a ...
by I T
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I'll be there, but don't let that stop you from coming. :) Have you ever been to a NN before? If so what have been your experiences? Are there any words of advice that you might have for us NN ...
by BFSkinner
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Johnathan Cohn, senior editor of the New Republic and frequent guest on Keith Olbermann's Countdown, has some interesting analysis on what the Senate health care reform bill would mean for a family'...
by HRCDemographic4Obama
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I was all excited about the prospects for next year's event being in Providence (RI), given my family in that area, and so disappointed to hear that Union-Hotel disputes put it out of the running. ...
by raines
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Theatres are dying in this country . Big, small, experimental, traditional , it doesn't matter. Everybody is feeling the pinch. Theatres are closing . Cast sizes are being cut . Ticket prices are ...
by scrdchao
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We still have time to influence the outcome of efforts to reform health care in this country. The Senate Bill progress, first voted on in the dead of night, still has a way to go. See David Waldman'...
by divineorder
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As posted earlier today at the Democracy Cell Project blogsite (and reposted here to dKos with full ...
by M Loutre
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This is not a complete list of opportunities nationwide, but it is still pretty extensive and it begins to demonstrate the level of activity out there. I've posted it incomplete because I didn't ...
by Words In Action
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In coming weeks, many Pacific Coast Progressive Christians will gather to contemplate what justice requires of US in Israel and Palestine. Friends of Sabeel North America (FOSNA) is hosting ...
by Rusty Pipes
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