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This came up in a local column today. Capitol police call citizen Elise Lazar, who lives in Salt Lake County, called Sen. Orrin Hatch’s Salt Lake City office March 25 to inquire if the senator ...
by jlms qkw
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Service animals, and service dogs in particular, get to accompany their human partner many, many places, but there are still a few places where they can't go. I had to go to one of those places ...
by Noddy
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by raines
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Some of our ever ready to compromise friends have accused single payer advocates of being spoilers who would put the best in place of the politically feasible. Needless to say this was never true, ...
by DrSteveB
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I still clearly remember the very first time I went somewhere with Itzl, somewhere dogs aren't normally allowed. I was shy about it. After all, Americans are incredibly anti-pet. You wouldn't ...
by Noddy
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Grrrrr – this makes me angry! “If you and your service dog become certified with NSAR , both of you are immediately protected under federal law (
by Noddy
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I'm gonna keep this one short and sweet, because maybe it's just me who's the idiot. But hear me out. It's no secret that big-money donors pay for access, and I've see a couple of references ...
by Blank Frank
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Picture a setting sun over the turquoise waters of the Caribbean. Or the sparkling of sunlight as it blankets a snowy mountainside. Imagine gathering with distant loved ones around a holiday table. ...
by newinfluence
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This post takes a Net Neutrality 101 approach. -- US federal laws that regulate telecommunications originated in the idea of 'Common Carriers,' a concept with a long and ...
by readerOfTeaLeaves
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Cross-posted from Asian Pacific Americans for Progress : Law school clinics are programs run by law ...
by rameyko
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This afternoon I got an e-mail request from Care2 - 'the global network for organizations and people who Care2 make a difference' - to 'take sixty seconds and ...
by va dare
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Finally, the discussion about health care rationing has moved from scare tactic of the those trying to derail health care reform to a rational discussion about priorities.
by Dr Fox
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I'm gonna have to be brief this a.m. Responding to slinkerwink's excellent diary this morning (top rec as of 10:
by Benintn
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...to get a basic idea of the news of the day, without overwhelming him?
by Palamedes
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This just in, from my CAD Google group, of all places. Verizon has gotten permission from the New York Attorney General to block its subscribers from large portions of the Internet, in the name of "...
by Dean Nut
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Finally. Illinois police are cracking down on people who illegally park in handicapped spaces or use parking tags available only to disabled drivers during a holiday stings ...
by Eloy
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