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by blue meme
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by Meteor Blades
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The process of siphoning oil from the downstream leak is forcing more oil out of the blow off preventer (the other leak). As of this diary the only leak being shown is the downstream leak that has ...
by innereye
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The head of the Bureau of Land Management, Dept. of Interior's primary agency for the stewardship of public lands - and the minerals & energy under them, has resigned. Like Gale Norton, her former ...
by Land of Enchantment
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I, rep. Edward Markey, pledge to vote against the supplemental spending measure that President Bush will seek in 2007 from Congress to fund the war in and occupation of Iraq. I will take ...
by lao hong han
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Just received confirmation from a reliable source that President Obama has selected John Kerry as the next Secretary of State. Per CBS: BOSTON (CBS) – President Obama has picked Sen. John Kerry ...
by F J G
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[Diarist's Notes: [http://wolfstreet.com/author/wolf-richter/ Wolf Richter] has provided written authorization to the diarist to reproduce his blog's posts in their entirety for the benefit of the ...
by bobswern
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On Tuesday, Senators Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), Ed Markey (D-MA), and Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) sent a letter to US Trade Representative Michael Froman demanding answers about backdoor financial ...
by Liberty Equality Fraternity and Trees
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Republicans like to point to Keystone XL as one of their signature jobs bills and, when oil prices are high, like to imply that it would mean cheap oil flowing free in America. But Tuesday ...
by Laura Clawson
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Sen-elect Ed Markey Congratulations, Senator-elect Ed Markey. Massachusetts voters have chosen to send a strong progressive to the U.S. Senate to join Elizabeth Warren. He sounded a lot like his ...
by Joan McCarter
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Chemical lobbyist exposed as author of new bill to regulate industry (link to video segment) : Rachel Maddow reports on the discovery that a draft of a new law to make much-needed updates to ...
by Eric Nelson
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David Kravitz at BlueMassGroup has a front page post going on this topic right now: The Boston Globe is reporting today (behind a paywall) that Gabriel Gomez and his wife appear to have taken a $281,...
by AnotherMassachusettsLiberal
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Robert Alvarez has just published his latest analysis of the Spent Fuel Ponds from nuclear reactors in the United States and Japan and concluded that the risk of an accidental release of a ...
by HoundDog
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Tomorrow, federal regulators from the FCC and the DOJ will be meeting with Comcast officials to discuss Comcast’s proposed acquisition of Time Warner Cable. A group of six senators —Ed Markey (...
by Liberty Equality Fraternity and Trees
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Massachusetts Senate candidate Gabriel Gomez is in full freakout mode .
by Joan McCarter
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Today I had the pleasure of seeing President Obama and a host of prominent local political figures appear at a rally for Rep. Ed Markey's campaign for the U.S. Senate. A more than overflow crowd ...
by fenway49
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Gomez, appearing for OPSEC, which he totally doesn't have anything to do with, to smear Obama Hmmm ... it looks like being a swift boater might not be going ...
by Joan McCarter
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There is great news (sort of) coming out of Congress re a deal on an Energy Bill. As per the Speaker of the House , Nancy Pelosi, ...
by A Siegel
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House Republicans have scheduled a vote Friday to cripple the Clean Air Act. Their bill would allow more pollution of our air and change the way the Clean Air Act has been implemented over the past ...
by Steven D
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On Thursday, Elizabeth Warren and the other freshmen took the oath of office for the United States Senate at the Capitol. Yesterday, Senator Warren (that's still so good to say!) held a re-enactment ...
by fenway49
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