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Alan Grayson (BIG D-FL08) is my new hero, and you can donate to him at the bottom of the diary. We need this guy in Congress for years to come! But first, on to the show, and what a ...
by MinistryOfTruth
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Update : Be sure to see Part 2 ! [x-posted ...
by ves man
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Remember the night Pat Buchanan came on Countdown and agreed that if we had had a Parliamentary system of government, the position George Bush had been in that day, that week, that month, would have ...
by Keith Olbermann
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And I have a question I want to ask. But first, I want you to glance at a mirror for a moment.
by JR
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In an excellent and recommended diary, Pragmaticus discusses the release today by the Obama Administration of horrifying “legal” memos written by John Yoo and Jay Bybee that detail their ...
by noweasels
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Mr. President you are everything that frightens them, everything that threatens their order, and everything they hate. You cannot win them over. They will always hate you. They hate you because your ...
by FishOutofWater
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"The President has to reach out across the aisle and work with Republicans" This appears to be the conclusion that many pundits are reaching from the election result. President Obama has to reach ...
by twigg
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This is absolutely crazy. According to the LA Times , Mark Jacoby has been arrested for voter registration ...
by JustForTheRecord
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I have a very, very conservative brother. (Actually--full disclosure--I have two. And a father. I don't know what is wrong with the men in my family.) :-) The brother in question owns his own ...
by sunspark says
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In the earliest decades of this nation -- before this nation was even a nation -- four waves of settlers arrived from Britain. The first three waves landed in New England, the Southern Colonies and ...
by Geenius at Wrok
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MSNBC right now, Obama did Q&A with the House Republican Caucus, apparently modeled on the British Parliaments "Question Time." He looked them in the eye and tore them a new one. Daniel has walked ...
by bernardpliers
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Reading the many, many comments, diaries and tweets about the sausage-making party that has been the debt ceiling deal I've been struck by the number of people out there in the progressive community ...
by Don in NYC
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[Crossposted on Wonky Muse ...
by wonkymuse
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America is trying to call it quits with the GOP. She thought there was chemistry when they first met - he had that frat boy swagger and a cocksure attitude. The Democrats had seemed kind of dull, ...
by bernardpliers
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You probably remember back in September when Jimmy Carter's grandson, James Carter IV, was instrumental in digging up and helping publicize Romney's 47% video . We all enjoyed the poetic justice of ...
by MeMeMeMeMe
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This might be the most thorough assesment of the Republican party, the media, The Religious Right, Michele Bachmann, Glenn Beck, you name it, Dan Savage nails it. In an interview with Keith ...
by MinistryOfTruth
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We've been talking a lot lately about how Alan Grayson is setting an example for Democrats with his blunt, unapologetic, no-holds-barred approach to dealing with Republicans. And ...
by MeMeMeMeMe
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This will be short and sweet. If you haven't caught it yet, Mike Duvall, an Orange County (CA) Republican who espouses family values, and opposes marriage equality, was caught on tape.
by not a cent
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I'm sure that, like me, you can see it coming, from now through 2010. You've banged your head against the wall hearing conservative pundits on TV complain about Obama's deficit spending as if he ...
by NicolasC
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The story has been writing itself longer than Adam Nagourney has been penning his "Dems Divided" excuses for journalism in the New York Times: Democrats lose an election (stolen or otherwise); ...
by thereisnospoon
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