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I'm not sure if someone else has diaried this yet (I didn't see a diary on the list), but tonight on The Rachel Maddow Show , newly minted Kentucky Rebublican senatorial candidate Rand Paul ...
by snowman3
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I'm a native Kentuckian who lives in Mississippi, but I'm still working like crazy to get out the vote for Jack Conway, and against Rand Paul. Apologies if someone's beaten me to this.
by Free Chicken and Beer
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Lauren Valle of MoveOn.org was stomped by a Rand Paul Supporter outside the Jack Conway/Rand Paul debate.
by second gen
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Reading some blogs, listening to the radio, watching TV, especially cable, including msnbc, just gets me down. "Dems going to get smashed" is the constant refrain. There is a lot to be worried ...
by TomP
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Hi everyone, just wanted to take a minute to thank you for all of your hard work and support over the past few months. We wouldn’t be in a position to take back this Senate seat without you. ...
by Jack Conway for Senate
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Many observers wondered if I would be able to stand my ground as a Democrat on Fox News during my debate with Rand Paul yesterday. In the middle of the debate, Chris Wallace even challenged me for ...
by Jack Conway for Senate
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A new poll released last evening has us leading Rand Paul by two points -- 49% to 47%. As The Washington Post put it: We’re "surging." The good poll news is no ...
by Jack Conway for Senate
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Before becoming Governor of Vermont, I was a medical doctor. As a doctor, I can tell you I have never heard a more foolish idea than Rand Paul's scheme to partially privatize Medicare by forcing ...
by Gov Howard Dean MD
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Seems like Rand Paul served up this issue to Conway on a silver platter. We all know the story here, Paul desperate to change the subject from his remarks favoring discrimination allowed by ...
by Jonze
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George W. Bush strategist Karl Rove and the three billionaires supporting his "non-profit" attack group just launched a new smear ad against me -- their third so far this election. And you know ...
by Jack Conway for Senate
Comment Count 143 comments on Wed Sep 22, 2010 at 10:55 AM PDT with 407 Recommends
Rep. John Yarmuth (KY-3) and Senate candidate Jack Conway both attacked Rand Paul's recent statements on civil rights and lunch counters. Make the jump to read what they said -- especially Jack's ...
by bmaples
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Bill Clinton was in Kentucky yesterday campaigning for Jack Conway. Many people like Bill Clinton, especially Southern Dems and independents. And most people have moved on from the Lewinsky scandal.
by TomP
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Kentucky Senate candidate Jack Conway just announced to the PCCC email list that ...
by Forrest Brown
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I first got involved about a month ago, some phonebanking for Jack Conway then a mass distribution of yard signs for Representative John Yarmuth, KY-03, of thousands of signs all over Louisville ...
by Wary
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Next to our netroots-fueled primary victory this spring, today is the most important day of my campaign so far. I'm running for Senate in Kentucky because I want to keep protecting people from Big ...
by Jack Conway for Senate
Comment Count 275 comments on Tue Sep 07, 2010 at 08:02 AM PDT with 341 Recommends
How many times have you seen Rand Paul make one of his bizarre, out-of-touch, or risky pronouncements, and you just wished you could demand an answer from him? Well this Sunday, I finally have a ...
by Jack Conway for Senate
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In a speech yesterday in Nevada, President Obama succinctly laid out what the election in November 2010 is about: " This is a choice between the policies that led us into the ...
by TomP
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The choice of first diaries for a site is always a difficult one. However, given the situation with Thomas Kubica and the legendary (amongst my family members) Google skills I have, I figured that ...
by TheCavis
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I just saw a quick news item on the evening news. A significant development tonight in Kentucky's U.S. Senate race. Three weeks after Republican Rand Paul claimed a 15-point lead in ...
by teapot37
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(crossposted from Barefoot and Progressive ) I assume by now you've seen this lovely ...
by cubswin39
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