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In 2006, the great climate scientist James Hansen famously said I think we have a very brief window of opportunity to deal with ...
by chapter1
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A few items from the recent news and a note to readers - "weather" and "climate" doesn't just affect your city, state or country. Open your eyes and smell the GLOBAL warming happening ...
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Tar Sands Action Corruption scandal escalating at the Clinton State ...
by VL Baker
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James Hansen, eminent climatologist and Director of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies writes in the Washington Post to be published tomorrow. " I was too optimistic " when I warned about ...
by VL Baker
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More people here where I live in the Texas oil patch of West Texas who have been unwilling to admit climate change science are beginning to question the position they have held in the past. They are ...
by praenomen
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Dr. James Hansen, preeminent climate researcher, told the world today that scientists have grossly underestimated the severity of the effects of carbon dioxide emissions. The ...
by FishOutofWater
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is the title of this MUST-READ op ed by James Hansen in this morning's New York Times It comes from the 2nd paragraph. In the first, Hansen reminds us of the President's words that Canada will ...
by teacherken
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Scientists are moving beyond the "We can't say any one event is due to climate change" disclaimer to confirm what has become obvious. This week New Scientist is running a series of articles about ...
by xaxnar
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"Our parents did not know their actions could harm future generations, we will only be able to pretend" James Hansen, eminent climate scientist and director of NASA Goddard Center, has come out ...
by VL Baker
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I scribbled this out on BART on my way home from AGU (the American Geophysical Union) and I am sick as a dog. So please forgive me if this diary is less than it could be. However, I wanted to share ...
by coigue
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According to scuttlebutt on the climate arctic ice science blogs there is to be an emergency policy meeting with key administration personnel to discuss the potentially devastating rapid melt of the ...
by New Minas
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In a very broad way, climate specialists have laid down a target for climate mitigation: keep global warming below two degrees centigrade and we have a decent chance ...
by A Siegel
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Please watch the Planet's Forests, Inhale and Exhale, with the Seasons ... Observing Plant Life Health From ...
by jamess
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Legendary climate scientist James Hansen , who announced this week that he was retiring from his position of 46 years at NASA to work full time as environmental activist has not lost a moment and ...
by VL Baker
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Bill McKibben : Tar Sands pipeline is Climate Game Over Countdown with Keith ...
by jamess
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James Hanson is the most eminent scientist in the field of Climate Change something he discovered himself. Hansen Says Tar-Sands Oil Makes Climate Change Unsolvable By Alex Morales Exploiting ...
by Lefty Coaster
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How's that saying go ... "You can't stop Mother Nature" ... Well, you can't stop dedicated Scientists, either (assuming they got their funding).
by jamess
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James Hansen visited MIT on April 15 and April 16 and gave two public talks. One was for Fossil Free MIT (http://www.fossilfreemit.org), a new student group concerned with divestment, on the ...
by gmoke
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