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Greetings. I’ve been away on a bit of a self-imposed sabbatical for ...
by dengre
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and that is John McCain:
by dengre
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Greetings. This is reposted from Balloon Juice . I thought it would be worth sharing here. Cheers dengre By now many ...
by dengre
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The recent passage of Arizona's racist S.B. 1070 law has produced a firestorm of wrath; boycotts for visits to the state as well as products and services originating in the state have ...
by Stranded Wind
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So, you might think the Amy's Baking Company saga couldn't get crazier. You would be wrong.
by The Klute
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TV sportsman turned Congressman turned rightwing radio host turned Senate hopeful J.D. Hayworth, aka Foghorn Leghorn, came under fire last week when a late-night infomercial from 2007 surfaced, with ...
by Mother Mags
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Today is Arizona's 99th birthday. The way the yahoos at the legislature are going, one wonders what there will be left to celebrate for next year's Centennial. One piece of good birthday news we ...
by Mother Mags
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Little or no attention is being given to the Dem side of the Arizona Senate race, almost as if its an afterthought and that its assumed that John McCain, once he disposes of JD Hayworth should have ...
by piratedan
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Congressional watchers may remember that when JD Hayworth (R wacko-AZ) was in the House (1995-2007) more than once his own colleagues named him “The 2nd Biggest Windbag in Congress.” He ...
by Mother Mags
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They're coming out of the woodwork...
by electronicmaji
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by David Nir
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In the rapidly heating up 2010 Senatorial campaign between right-wing ex-congressman, ex-radio host J. D. Hayworth and the not as right-wing John McCain, a Senator who is only a maverick when it ...
by KingofSpades
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Here's a special preview of tomorrow's animation for Salon.com for Daily Kos readers. Actual audio of Chris Matthews and former congress guy JD Hayworth, with Harold Ford on the sidelines:
by scottbateman
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Senate : •
by David Nir
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The Glassman for Arizona Senate exploratory committee is continuing to gain momentum as Democrats, Independents, and gridlock weary Republicans take an interest in what we have to say. The ...
by Rodney Glassman for United States Senate Explorato
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Is it just me ...
by Is It Just Me
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At 72 years of age, John McCain is at the age when politicians start to think about calling it quits. While it’s true that some will serve well into their 80s - and in some cases ...
by blueyescryinintherain
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