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Progressives have been on the defensive when talking about a women’s right to make choices about continuing pregnancies and family planning. In addition, social conservatives have been successful ...
by dgrhoads
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The House of Representatives recently voted to eliminate the estate tax . Because of the recent vote, the topic may come up in conversations with people you know. This is an easy case to “win” ...
by akadjian
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As she tweeted today, Hillary Clinton welcomed Bernie Sanders to the Democratic race for President in 2016. In an unexpected sign of respect Clinton even echoed those Issues, that she actually ...
by jamess
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One class of citizens gets swept up and crammed into "holding cells" -- denied the basic America Right of knowing why they're being held. (the other class, is doing the "sweeping" ...) They are ...
by jamess
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When are we going to have a "War on Stupidity" ... ? [ - pg 16 - ] “The detection and countering of the production, trafficking, and use of illegal drugs is a high-priority national security ...
by jamess
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If more citizens don't demand more Police Accountability, it will likely never happen. Here are a few reasons why Police need to be held MORE Accountable: Police brutality calls for transparency ...
by jamess
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World Trade agreements are the Great Equalizer when it comes to Worker Wages -- Increase them a little over there, Decrease and Flatten them over here. NAFTA showed us that in spades here in America.
by jamess
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On Iran : The Iranian people just elected a new President -- and he is way more moderate than the old one. The Iranian people want to rejoin the world community. Shouldn't we let them have the ...
by jamess
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cross-posted at MN Progressive project The Democratic Party of the my senate district recently started a book club with the intention of focusing on messaging and explaining Democratic values (no, ...
by ericf
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AKA Greenspan's Faux Pas Greenspan's Regret Greenspan's Mistake You see people, The Maestro was wrong about Markets -- especially Corporate Wall Street-type Markets -- that they would be "self-...
by jamess
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Say “Rebate," not "Dividend” by Susan C. Strong Although there is some good news about growing levels of renewable and energy efficiency worldwide, we still need a much more vigorous climate ...
by SusanCStrong
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