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The NY Times is [reporting http://www.nytimes.com/2015/05/02/nyregion/christie-ally-expected-to-plead-guilty-in-george-washington-bridge-lane-closing-case.html?_r=0] that three figures in the George ...
by Bethesda 1971
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It was only a matter of time before little George Jr. would have the audacity (and stupidity) to criticize President Obama's foreign strategies and peace negotiations. This past Saturday turned ...
by Leslie Salzillo
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(illustration by DonkeyHotey) From the International Business Times : While Jeb Bush was governor of Florida, state pension officials committed at least $1.7 billion to financial firms whose ...
by ericlewis0
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My family is in the United States because it fled Poland just before Nazi Germany invaded it, so this sort of propaganda (the idea that conquered nations were somehow complicit in the Holocaust) ...
by Village Vet
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Team Rocket Presidential hopeful Jeb Bush has now secured the all-important endorsement of the worst president ever, ...
by Hunter
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On April 15, Congressional Republicans missed their deadline for the fiscal year 2016 budget resolution. Nevertheless, and despite their differences on defense spending and the voucherization of ...
by Jon Perr
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James Risen reports today that the American Psychological Association secretly bolstered the Bush Administration's torture program at a time when it was in serious trouble. This secret involvement ...
by Eternal Hope
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Does anyone really believe a handshake between President Barack Obama and President Raul Castro heralds a new positive direction for American foreign policy that will actually benefit the people in ...
by PeterBalesHistoryTales
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Come oh come ye tea-thirsty restless ones -- the kettle boils, bubbles and sings, musically. ~ Rabindranath Tagore Good evening, Kibitzers, and welcome to Friday night! Our ...
by belinda ridgewood
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With the president's nominee for attorney general languishing in the Senate,
by Jon Perr
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In 2004 George Walker Bush named John Negroponte as Ambassador to the newly conquered nation of Iraq. Mr. Negroponte has an interesting history during the Reagan administration in Honduras (1981-1985)
by Karen Hedwig Backman
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Thought experiment: after 9/11, GWB approval rating went to 90%. That's not because all the liberals left the country and so weren't counted; it's because liberals and democrats understood this was ...
by liberalis
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We are choosing among politicians, not saviors. Hillary Rodham Clinton's experience as a lawyer, First Lady, U.S. senator, and Secretary of State gives her a dream résumé. With it, however, ...
by Richard J Rosendall
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I keep hearing "Obama has added more debt than all presidents in history combined", ignore the fact that the statement is not only false and that Ronald Reagan added twice the debt as every ...
by streicher187
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On Saturday night, the 44th president, Barack Obama, delivered some funny one-liners at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in Washington. More than 2,000 miles away, the 43rd president, George ...
by Molly Weasley
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