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There are two Fighting Dem Vets currently running for U.S. Congress in Tennessee. The primary will be this coming Thursday, August 34d, 2006. It is said that Terry Stulce has only token opposition in the Democratic primary.

Here are the opening statements by the candidates. More details following:

Terry Stulce (TN-03)

My name is Terry Stulce and I encourage everyone from Tennessee to support my candidacy by voting for me, and for progressive Democrats everywhere to contribute to my campaign. In the last six years George Bush and his rubber-stamp Republican Congress have waged class warfare against working Americans, pandering to the ultra-rich while at the same time repressing the income of working class Americans. I'm running a grassroots campaign against a long-term Republican incumbent that has chosen not to honor his term limit pledge of twelve years ago.  Please visit my website, Terry in '06 and help TAKE AMERICA BACK!  

Bill Morrison (TN-07)

My name is Bill Morrison and I ask that you support my candidacy. With your help I will fight to take back our government from lobbyists with real ethics reform.  We welcome you regardless of your party affiliation to join us so we can take back our government from special interest and lobbyists. We must honor our commitments to our Veterans, seniors and our children with proper funding.  We must ensure that the middle class gets more tax relief.  Change must come and it must come now.  I need your vote this election and your financial contributions to continue to fight for all of us and spread our message to all those in our District.  Visit my website Morrison for Congress and show the neocons that we have HAD ENOUGH.

Terry STULCE for U.S. Congress (TN-03)

Webpage :: Contact :: Donate

Here is a brief, general statement of my positions. You can read more on my site and further down the diary.

As a decorated, two-tour Army Vietnam veteran I know cost of war as well as the value of national security. However, military might alone is not enough to make our nation secure. Success will be measured not only by the strength and effectiveness of our military, but also by the degree to which we have cooperative relationships with other people and nations in the world.

As a career social worker (with an MA in social work) I know the importance of progressive values. I believe there are certain fundamental things most of us want: peace; prosperity, better lives for ourselves and our children, not having to worry about crime, losing jobs, falling behind on bills, getting blown up by a terrorist, or getting left behind in a hurricane evacuation. What we need is affordable health care for all Americans, an economy that works for all Americans, not just the corporate elite, secure retirement for older Americans, a stable energy supply without an over-dependence on Middle Eastern oil, an environment which nurtures and supports life, a  balanced budget that does not burden our children with debt as a result of our current deficit spending, equal educational opportunities for all Americans, and veteran's benefits that reward our nation's veterans by their receiving the benefits they deserve commensurate with the sacrifices they have made for our country.

I have just been endorsed by the Chattanooga Times, and these are some snips from what they had to say (July 14 2006):

Terry Stulce would like to change the mindset of residents of Tennessee's 3rd Congressional District. Mr. Stulce, who is seeking the Democratic nomination to the U.S. House, is just the candidate to do so. First, however, he must win his party's primary on Aug. 3. We recommend his nomination.

Mr. Stulce has only token opposition in the primary, but nevertheless must overcome the seeming disinterest in his race by residents across the district. As has been the case in recent congressional elections here, voters seem to concede victory to Zach Wamp, the Republican incumbent seeking his seventh term, even before the primaries are held. Consequently, they seem to have more interest and invest more time in other political contests. That is a mistake.

Mr. Stulce has much to offer voters. He is articulate, passionate about government and has built a thoughtful and well-defined platform that addresses the major issues confronting the district and the nation. His is a voice that should be heard.

A decorated veteran of Vietnam combat, Mr. Stulce understands the nature and cost of war. He argues forcefully that the situation in Iraq has shifted from a state of war to a state of insurgency and that U.S. policy should reflect the shift. It is an argument that has merit.

So does Mr. Stulce's desire to balance the federal budget and to reduce the deficit. He correctly says the growing gap between rich and poor in America undermines the basic tenets of democracy. Ruinous tax cuts that overwhelmingly favor the rich at the expense of the poor have decimated the working class. Mr. Stulce would restore some equity to the workplace and the economy by increasing the minimum wage, rolling back tax cuts and ending earmarks that reward narrow interests.

He similarly favors change in health care programs. His goal, an admirable one, is to make affordable health care available to all. He has similarly progressive views on the environment, the abuse of executive powers and on a host of important social issues.

Mr. Stulce's platform is well crafted and deserves wide attention. Voters can provide the opportunity for such an extended and important discussion by approving his candidacy. We recommend Mr. Stulce in the Aug. 3 primary."

More on Terry Stulce

Military Service: Captain, U.S. Army. Terry is a Vietnam veteran wit two tours in Vietnam. With no wealthy family to pay tuition at a private military academy and no political connections for an appointment to West Point, he went the ROTC route through college to an officer's commission in the Infantry. Terry was in the first class ever of ROTC scholarship students, and he graduated as the top in the class of all ROTC scholarship students from anywhere in the country. Commissioned as a 2nd Lt in the U.S. Army, Terry went with this group of select young men was sent to Infantry Officer's Basic Course, the United States Army Ranger School (one of the toughest military schools in the world), directly to Airborne School, and then four months after he started in the Army he had his paratrooper platoon in the 101st Airborne Division.  Terry then went on to the toughest test any man could face -- he was trusted with the lives of 30 young men in combat when he was sent to South Vietnam with the 101st Airborne. While leading his platoon under fire, he was awarded the Bronze Star medal (with "V" device for Valor), as well as the Combat Infantryman's Badge, the Vietnam Service Medal, the Vietnam Campaign Medal, the National Defense Service Ribbon, and several other commendations. After 10 months overseas, he took his valuable experiences back to Ranger School, where he showed younger American kids how to stay alive. He was an instructor at Ranger School for eighteen months, where he was highly rated by his superiors in this job, and quickly moved up the ranks from 2nd Lieutenant to 1st Lieutenant, and finally to Captain. He also had his Parachutist Wings upgraded to "Jumpmaster". He then took an assignment with the elite "Biet Dong Quan" (the South Vietnamese Rangers) as a senior advisor for the South Vietnamese Ranger Battalion. While there he bridged a cultural divide as big as the Grand Canyon, bringing together a diverse group of people, in the worst possible conditions, to do the hardest job imaginable. First he had to go through Ranger school again, only this time it was the Vietnamese version. Again he received the Bronze Star Medal (with Oak Leaf Cluster) for his conduct in a combat zone, and again he received several commendations. Terry finished a full year in South Vietnam on his second tour, and returned home. He then completed six months of service at the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center at Ft. Bragg. After almost five years in the service of our country, Terry Stulce made the decision to leave what would have been a very promising military career.

Professional Career. When Terry returned from his second tour and returned to private life, he earned a Master's Degree in Social Work and began a professional career in social work.  Terry has a distinguished history in his profession, including previously serving as the director of  Smallwood Center, a psychiatric hospital for children ages 6 - 12, and serving as a consultant for the Child Advocacy Center in Chattanooga. Terry and his wife Kate are both Licensed Clinical Social Workers and own Cleveland Family Counseling.  In addition to this work, Terry currently serves on the Advisory Board of Visitors for The Dean of College of Social Work at the the University of Tennessee in Knoxville and as a consultant for the Vietnam Veterans Center in Chattanooga. In 2002, Terry won the National Association of Social Workers Lifetime Achievement award, no doubt in part because of all the work he has done to help children, families, and veterans.

Family and Home. Terry and his wife Kate live in Ooltewah and attend Pilgrim Congregational Church, where Kate is in lay ministry training. They have two children, Dr. Camille Broadway of Arlington, TX, and Jenna Spain of Baltimore, MD.

Terry recently blogged on Daily Kos on the Republican's Paris Hilton "minimum wage" bill that passed the House and will now go to the Senate: Playing Politics with the Wages of Working Americans.

Bill MORRISON for U.S. Congress (TN-07)

U.S. Army Reserves, Fort Fort Sam Houston, Texas
Website :: Contact :: Donate
Bill's platform is progressive and aggressive with the them "We have HAD ENOUGH." Democrats, Republicans and Independents must join together to take back our House.  District 7 has HAD ENOUGH. No More Business As Usual in Washington, DC. We have had enough of cuts to education and need to bolster our educational programs for the future of our youth. We have had enough of cuts to vets and need to honor them for their service. We have had enough of American job loss and need to strengthen America'a economy.  We have had enough of out of control spending and need to balance the budget. We have had enough of the Culture of Corruption and need to fight for real ethics reform. We have had enough of Bush's failed Iraq policy and need to forge a lasting peace in the Middle East.

The Memphis Commercial Appeal has endorsed Bill and had this to say.

The task of taking on incumbent Seventh District Republican Rep. Marsha Blackburn in the general election this fall will be formidable for whoever captures the Democratic nod. The long, convoluted Seventh, which includes suburban areas of Memphis and Nashville, was designed as a safe Republican stronghold. Blackburn, a 54-year-old Brentwood marketing consultant, is running unopposed in the Aug. 3 primary and is confident of returning to Washington for a third term. Two candidates have volunteered to challenge her, though, giving Democratic ballot holders a choice between Bill Morrison, 35, a sixth-grade social studies teacher at Southwind Middle School, and Randy G. Morris, a 52-year-old Waynesboro accountant. The Commercial Appeal recommends BILL MORRISON, who believes the Seventh District is ready for a more independent voice in Congress with fewer ties to big business and a greater allegiance to the middle class. Morrison articulates a strong case against Blackburn because of her unwavering support for the Bush agenda, strict adherence to the Republican Party line and support for the ethically challenged former congressman Tom DeLay of Texas.

Although Bill faces a field of candidates in the primary, pundits put the race between Bill and Randy Morris of Waynesboro. Republican Incumbent Marsha Blackburn is unopposed in next Thursday's GOP primary, but will face either of these candidates in the GE. Blackburn has received a large amount of her money from 74 entities with DC or Northern Virginia addresses, mostly from lobbying firms or business-specific political action committees. Bill says, "I think her fund-raising speaks for itself, where her interests lie," Morrison said Friday. "Marsha doesn't represent anybody in the Seventh District anymore."

Here are links to Bill's comprehensive positions on issues: Improving Education,
Real Ethics Reform,
Reducing Health Care Costs,
A Comprehensive Immigration Policy,
A Comprehensive Immigration Policy,
Slashing the Federal Debt,
Restoring Security in Iraq,
Honoring Our Vets,
Defeating Terrorism,
A Real Energy Policy,
Protecting Our Environment,
Strengthening America's Economy,
Safeguarding Social Security.

A Statement by Bill Morrison

"I am 35 years old and a middle school teacher for Shelby County Schools. My family is large (I am one of six children) and both parents work in the education field. After graduating from Bolton High School in Arlington, TN and Fort Sam Houston in TX (Army Reserves), I attended The University of Memphis and graduated with honors. My beautiful 8-year-old daughter is the light of my life and tells everyone to "vote for Daddy".

Please help these Fighting Dem candidates. Across the nation Fighting Dems are stepping up to the plate to oppose incumbent Republicans who have had a free ride until now. With your help they can turn the red tide into Red, White and Blue and take back the Hill and put America back on course.

Contribute to ActBlue: Terry Stulce.

Contribute to ActBlue: Bill Morrison.

Originally posted to Fighting Dem Vets on Wed Aug 02, 2006 at 04:06 PM PDT.

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