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Massa for Congress

The schedule of the campaign trail will keep me from being able to liveblog today but I wanted to bring our team of netroots supporters up to date with a few sound bites from the campaign trail.

While some will say that the candidate is almost always overly positive, I have to relay that the momentum for this race is clearly on our side.  My opponent has decided to make validation of President George Bush's war in Iraq the number one issue in this race.  He decided to go to Iraq 100 days prior to the election and afterward he returned to announce that all is well and if only the press would report all the great things that are going on we would see that as clearly as he had.  He stated that the Iraqi Army was as well trained as the American Army and that our taxpayer dollars are being well spent.  In short, he got off the plane and read the talking points that the White House had given him. (link, link, link)

This past week I attended dozens of events from County Fairs to House Parties to Walks on Main Street (Here is the events calendar.).  Virtually everywhere I went the response was identical: "Kuhl is a rubber stamp for Bush and Delay."  And that's before I even say hello.  This is happening because of the out-of-touch statements that my opponent has made to the media.  On a televised interview he actually stated that if the Cuban people want a Communist government then that's OK by him.  

That statement comes from a rubber stamp for a President who invaded Iraq to create a false democracy.  This from a member of Congress who talks about how great it is that we have built a 15 square mile base in the middle of Iraq and how much like any American town that base is.  He sees no issues with us building and maintaining permanent bases in the middle of Iraq and states that our taxpayers' dollars are being well spent.  He is so out of touch with everyone except Karl Rove and Tom Delay that it is off the chart.

The voters know this and one of them, retired Major General Batiste called Kuhl's comments naïve and stated that we need new leadership.  This, after he stated that he was a conservative Republican! (link)  Other voters are speaking out also. Here is a snippet from a letter to the editor in a local paper today:

I am trying to understand Kuhl's recent trip to Iraq and the obvious conflict in your Aug. 4 edition. In your article regarding his trip, Kuhl tells that his trip to Iraq has reassured him that "our tax dollars are being well spent" and that "significant numbers of troops" will be coming home by the end of this year. But in the same edition, in the article covering Senate hearings on the war, Kuhl's statements are directly contradicted by testimony of our nation's top generals. It was easy to tell from the Senate hearings that we are in deep trouble in Iraq and that things are getting worse. Clearly, our nation's top generals are not reassured.

Mr. Kuhl's opponent, Eric Massa, is a former U.S. Navy officer with fine credentials. After meeting him, I am impressed by his campaign and his qualifications. I hope that we can get the benefits of a debate series by these candidates as part of their campaigns.

This week I was the guest speaker here in Corning at a VFW event honoring WWII veterans and at public street parties like the one in Fairport in the northern part of our District, where there was a celebration to mark the opening of the cross Erie Canal bridge.   There were press conferences in front of the University of Rochester Medical Center, where I challenged my opponent's support for the President's Veto of the bipartisan stem cell research bill.  (link) In all of these places the reception has been overwhelmingly positive.

The statewide AFL-CIO issued their full endorsement of our campaign in a surprise reversal of a previous endorsement of my opponent.  (link) They cited his voting record and their inability to count on him to support the working families of the District.  The New York Teachers (NYSUT) also reversed a previous endorsement and endorsed our campaign (link) along with the statewide sheet metal workers.  (link)  They join the Trades, the PEF, United, Steelworkers and the UAW in endorsing our campaign.  (link) Tomorrow I will drive to New Jersey to be the opening speech at the UAW leadership council. I have been told to wake them up.  We hope to record the speech and put it on the web so stay tuned.  Our goal is nothing short of a sweep of endorsements from the American labor movement.  And that's a straightforward goal that is part of fighting for the working families of the 29th District.

On other fronts, we continue to maintain our fundraising success, building on past outreach.  I stood with Congressman John Murtha, a man whom I greatly admire, (link) and he is going to the mat for our team.  We have some 36 in-District House parties in the next few weeks, sometimes three a day.

We are waiting for a response from Randy Kuhl for a series of open and fair debates.  As of now the League of Women Voters, a Church group in Ontario County, a major radio station in Rochester, the NRA, and one of the major TV stations in Elmira have all invited us to debate.  To date we have not heard back from my opponent on any of these.  He challenged me to a radio debate at a small station but has yet to finalize the dates for that as well.  The issues of the day demand an open and complete debate and we are waiting for Kuhl to accept his own challenge to debate me.

Volunteers are turning out in ever greater numbers. Over one hundred supporters marched with us in the Italian American Festival in Watkins Glen.  I ran the parade route shaking hands, (some 2560 in total), and then walked the festival grounds with all the volunteers.  Our mailings are going out, our new palm cards are being printed, and both of our main offices are now open.

This is a full-fledged, fully staffed, fully funded neck and neck race.  And all the issues are breaking our way.  I know that they will hit us with a national October surprise.  I know that my opponent will start to sling made-up mud.  He already has.  But we will maintain a positive, issues-oriented campaign.  And in so doing and with your help we will win this race and become part of a new majority in the House of Representatives so that we can put an end to the Bush Agenda and move this country forward to a brighter future.

Massa for Congress: Volunteer :: Donate

Originally posted to Eric Massa on Sun Aug 20, 2006 at 12:02 PM PDT.

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  •  Will miss your blogging (3+ / 0-)

    but really, really glad to hear that you have a full schedule.

  •  Heard about the union endorsements (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    revbludge, Nightprowlkitty

    Way to go Eric, the AFL-CIO, Teamsters and AFT should give you some ground troops for your campaign to get out the vote for you in your district.  

    Winning without Delay.

    by ljm on Sun Aug 20, 2006 at 11:58:54 AM PDT

  •  Hey, from what I hear, Eric (3+ / 0-)

    will drop by a computer store, command a computer, and blog away on the way between events! Who knows, he might stop by at least to say howdy if he gets a break. No stopping that blogging kossack!

  •  It's alway helpful when the opposition (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Buffalo Girl

    shoots themselves in the foot, isn't it.  Go Eric.  Keep up the good work and pray that the opposition will continue to self destruct.

  •  Randy Kuhl is so (0+ / 0-)

    out of touch with reality.  Iraq is in a fullblown Civil War.

    The ...Bushies... don't make policies to deal with problems. ...It's all about how can we spin what's happening out there to do what we want to do. Krugman

    by mikepridmore on Sun Aug 20, 2006 at 12:04:40 PM PDT

  •  Thanks for taking the time from your busy (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Buffalo Girl, Ellicatt

    schedule to post this update. Looks like you are making an impact in and out of your district; keep up the good work. Rochester supports you.

    We must impeach Bush and Cheney in order to restore our government's Constitutional checks and balances, and the separation of powers.

    by revbludge on Sun Aug 20, 2006 at 12:05:14 PM PDT

  •  since you mentioned Fairport (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    the superintendent of schools there the lasst time I checked was a guy named Bill Cala -- he's a very good guy, has fought his share of battles with bureaucracies in both NY State and Washington.  If you have a chance, someone in the campaign ought to touch base with him.

    Just a thought.  He knows me from the ARN list (Assessment Reform Network).

    Those who can, do. Those who can do more, TEACH!

    by teacherken on Sun Aug 20, 2006 at 12:05:19 PM PDT

  •  It's great the way you all stood beside Murtha (3+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    sidnora, Nightprowlkitty, Ellicatt

    when the Swift boaters attacked,   the protest against the swift boaters was larger than their protest.....good for ya  and Max

    support change:

    by testvet6778 on Sun Aug 20, 2006 at 12:05:51 PM PDT

  •  Hey, if you folks get a chance, go (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    see Carl Sheeler who is live blogging here.

    Carl Sheeler Live

    To be fair, I posted a notice there for those folks to come here and blog as well.


  •  Stay At It (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    Dear Mr. Massa:  I will continue to support your campaign.

  •  You bet there's an October surprise coming - and (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    hekebolos, Ellicatt

    it'll probably be one hell of a shocker with the way things are going for the Repubs.

    Great sitting with you at Yearly Kos, and I have to say you are one of the few candidates running that seems to actually acknowledge that some big time October surprise is coming in combination with a massive last-week smear campaign. You were asking about it at the convention and it's something I CONSTANTLY ask about and typically get dismissed on.

    The Dems have to preempt it if they can, and everyone KNOWS that it's going to be security related - be it something with Iran, something like the UK airline plot scenario, or even something staged by the administration itself (I put NOTHING past them!)

    Also looking forward to visiting your campaign with the CRASHING THE STATES project in early October!

    Sign up here to be part of "CRASHING THE STATES"--a Netroots Film

    by Reality Bites Back on Sun Aug 20, 2006 at 12:29:59 PM PDT

  •  Hi Mr. Massa.. (3+ / 0-)

    I have been meaning to get in touch with you!

    Thank you for your PTSD diary on Gen. Wes Clark's blog this summer. I have pulled a quote from it for inclusion in my upcoming book, Moving a Nation to Care: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and America's Returning Troops. This book is set to publish in April 2007, and there will be a big push behind it. I have already received much support from IAVA's Paul Reickhoff and Veterans for America's Steve Robinson, Robert Roerich, MD, board member with National Gulf War Resource Center, many military families, and others who have offered the kind help in support.

    I'm the newest member of Gen. Clark's Troops and Vets writing team on his Clark Community Network. We're gearing up to begin a PTSD series after the current TBI series has finished. I would love to have the pleasure of interviewing you (via email or phone) if at all possible. I have also been attempting through many channels to get a hold of Gen. Clark to ask him for an interview (and I would ask him as well to consider honoring me by writing a short Foreword to the book -- I know, pretty forward of me, but he is my dream candidate for the job; I was able to shake his hand at Yearly Kos, but did not ask him at the time as he was so busy).

    I can be reached at ptsdcombat - at - I would be so very honored if you might consider helping out this important work I've been involved in for the past twelve months. I will also use your online feedback form to send this request; but, thought it might be helpful to do it this way, too.

    Go, Eric, Go! We are rooting for you...

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