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I'm a relatively new poster, I've been here for awhile reading but posting only on a few occasions.  Yet seeing the Netroots support that Barack Obama is gaining from individuals who are giving what they can, when they can, is truly inspirational.  My proposal is a hybrid combination of coincidences and not a an actual historical comparison between Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama.  Some poster mentioned this in a comment thread about Obama's Money bomb and I can't remember his name, but he deserves credit for the initial idea (Sorry if you read this).

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They both are from Illinois (birthplaces actually in KY-Lincoln and HI-Obama, a little latitude is needed haha). So I propose that on February 12th (Lincoln's Birthday) we have a money bomb extravaganza of small donations of $5.01 for Senator Obama.  The reasons for this amount are easy to see:

  1. Small donations are powering Obama's campaign
  1. Lincoln is on the $5 bill and the penny
  1. .01 is also for us online progressives making a statement to the campaign that we are here and we've got money.  That we aren't the huge bundlers for campaigns.  We sacrifice parts of paychecks that mean more proportionally to those of us with smaller incomes.  We buy into Barack Obama because we do dream of a more hopeful future instead of cynicsm.  I would much rather be called a Hopemonger than a Warmonger.  So if you believe in the hope that small donors are powering the Obama campaign, please join me in showing that when Americans united with Hope can wield large influence with small donations!

Please keep recommending this story to everyone you know and let's get this train roll'n until the 12th!

Thanks to all of those who have rec'd and spread the word.  I am emailing and calling everyone I know to give just a little bit (no song pun intended).  Please keep this rec'd and spread the word.  Also, please keep calling Senators on the FISA bills because we won't be the America we've known if we allow our rights to be run roughshod over!

A lot of you have been commenting on can I give more?  Is it only $5.01?  I think if you want to do $5.01, $10.02, $105.01, $210.02, etc.  If you want to use multiples, whatever is fine.  As long as the $5.01 is used somehow where it is visible to the campaign that the we Kossants and other online progressives are powering this campaign because we want our damn country back!

Originally posted to blueinks on Thu Feb 07, 2008 at 03:25 PM PST.

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