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Earlier on Hardball Tweety talked to "folks on the ground" from Indiana and NC, one each, as it turns out. I am a little shady on the details, due to my habit of reading this blog while Hardball is on, but I think the guy from Indiana was a reporter from a major Indiana Paper.

What he told Chris down below.

Update [2008-5-2 20:32:10 by PLS]: Kind commenter's have set me straight. The guy from NC was the reporter. The guy from Indiana is Howey, of the Howey Politics Indiana; Daily briefings on Indiana politics blog.

Chris asked about the state of the race and Howey said "It's still very fluid." He talked about Barack's early lead in Feb. and the tightening of the polls since, whether it's due to the Rev., or the "gas" pander. Then he threw the bombshell. He stated that a memo from Evan Bayh has surfaced in which Bayh blames the Clinton's for the closing of the Magnequench plant in Vapraiso, Indiana, and this memo is due to hit the presses tomorrow (and hopefully will change the fucking conversation). Howey also set the stage by stating that Hillary had been campaigning 2 weeks ago on this plant closing, blaming it on Bush, and that this had been effective tactic for her.

Looks like Hillary's little credibility problem is about to surface again, and not a moment too soon I might add.

Update [2008-5-2 20:32:10 by PLS]:II, for a more substantial discussion of the Magnequench affair see davidsirota's diary from Monday;

Originally posted to PLS on Fri May 02, 2008 at 04:42 PM PDT.

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