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I just finished watching Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton's webcast concerning women's issues.

Joe knocked my socks off.  It just reinforces for me what a great choice Obama made for Vice President.  He has a great handle on the issues.  As a first glimpse into what kind of President Obama would be, Biden is a home run.

But Hillary in the webcast has made me a believer in her desire to get Obama elected.  I caught myself smiling as she spoke.  I did not support her in the primary and actually became diametrically opposed to her, but now my heart is lightened to her and all I can say is GO, HILLARY!!!

Update:  Thank you for the rec's of this important issue and turning point in reclaiming the woman's vote.

For those of you looking at some of my past diaries calling on me for an apology to Hillary, I stated it below, but will do it here as well:

Hillary, I am sorry.  

Everyone should watch this video and refer to it on every pro-woman's blog out there.

Here it is:

Originally posted to LauraThorne on Thu Sep 18, 2008 at 06:49 AM PDT.

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