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Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Jack Cafferty:

I don't understand is why we're not hearing more about this from the Obama camp.  If there ever was a winning issue with the seniors for the democrats, THIS IS IT.

So, here's to hoping that we'll start hearing about this from Obama and the rest of the democrats SOON.

(Sorry for the short diary, but really, what else is there to add to what Cafferty already says?)

Thanks to RNinNC for the transcript!

Well maybe he decided we don’t need a commission, because to paraphrase John McCain, the economy is strong. Fundamentally strong - we don’t need no commission. The economy is strong. Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, AIG, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac - the crisis on Wall Street is enough to rattle any investor, let alone somebody is about to retire or who’s already living on fixed income. 401K and pension plans, many of which have exposure to these companies I just mentioned are taking huge hits as a result of this "fundamentally strong" economy.

Luckily we have the safety net of Social Security to fall back on - at least for now.

Remember four years ago, President Bush made a big push to partially privatize Social Security - you know, so we could then individually invest or future with those great minds on Wall Street. It failed back then, but that concept could still very much become a reality. Because, you see, John McCain also supports supplementing Social Security with Private investment accounts - his opponent, Barack Obama, does not.

Here’s the question: "In light of the failures of large financial institutions, is privatizing Social Security a good idea?" Go to to post a comment on my blog.

Oops.  I didn't see this diary by turkmen.

Please go see that diary now and REC IT UP.

Now we just need Obama and others to start talking about it so that it becomes part of the national dialogue!

A video clip from turkmen's diary:

Originally posted to SoulGeorgia on Thu Sep 18, 2008 at 06:12 PM PDT.

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