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I just noticed on my calls that it just got A LOT more sophisticated and targeted.  ALL my calls were directed and targeted in a REALLY smart way.  My call lists were just women (I'm female) and ALL were real Obama voters in a local swing state I'm near and could talk with VERY easily and personnably.

In other words, all the stuff we've been feeding into the computers and all we've been doing on the ground is NOW getting fed back into a masterful GOTV system effort!  YES!  They did it.  They have really done it!

The ground game is on for GOTV!

If you have been concerned or SHY about making calls from the Obama site, do NOT worry!  Go for it for GOTV!.  Sign up now to call real Obama supporter to encourage them to vote.

UPDATE:  First time in Rec List -  Oh my.  Thank you, but the KUDOS go to some computer geeks in TEAM OBAMA!  Whoever you are, I hope to buy you multiple beers in Pittsburgh, next year!  See me there.  I'll be grinning and wearing the President Obama 2012 button!

Go to the Obama site if you have not already registered.  They will smartly route you, now, to call lists of real, probable voters to encourage them to vote early or ask them to volunteer.  Here's the link to register to volunteer.  The phone banking support is GREAT.  Scripts, examples etc.

Obama volunteer link

WOW! I did not talk to a single person who was NOT an Obama supporter, this evening.  So, just do it!  You'll love the experience, and the callers I talked with loved hearing from an Obama volunteer.  I'm not saying you won't find some who aren't with us, but I think the lists have been seriously culled and they are now feeding us the real GOTV lists in the early voting areas close to each of us.  WOW!

They love hearing that you are a "volunteer and not very good at this calling stuff." It's okay.  You'll love it after the first, few minutes of being awkward ... THEN, people really open up.  I'm not kidding.  I heard about home renovations, sick babies, and jobs lost.  I called into the middle of an Obama House Party fund raiser that they were are screaming and yelling and hooting about having an Obama person calling while they were partying for Obama!  I talked with couple after couple who have young with kids in Indiana voting for Obama and special senior citizens who have been lifelong Democrats.

It was an incredible evening. I encourage you all to just do it.  Team Obama is making the switch to GOTV for calling, so we can all now make a difference right from home each evening until the election.

Sorry for the short diary, but I'm going to go for another set of groups this evening on the west Coast!  I've met so many Obama supporters by phone this evening that I want to get back on the phone!

It's incredible to talk with real supporters who are just looking to get more involved, or who are trying to persuade family members and like having an "Obama person" call to make them feel connected.
Again, EVERY person on my list tonight was a real Obama person. It's GOTV time, so lets DO IT!

I'd give you a diary of the 25 people I talked with tonight, but I'm exhausted and happy.  I'd write about them tomorrow, but I'm going to be calling like crazy, now.

HIT THE PHONES FOLKS, the Team Obama has done a GREAT JOB!

Originally posted to bkamr on Sat Oct 11, 2008 at 08:09 PM PDT.

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