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Obama is a leader who leads by example. He is not afraid of grass-roots participation as demonstrated today.

The Obama campaign plane, with "Change We Can Believe In" on the fusilage and the Obama logo emblazoned on the tail, landed at 2:50 p.m. at Toledo Express Airport. On hand were Lucas County sheriff’s deputies and Ohio state troopers, as well as campaign and airport staff, and media.

After leaving Toledo Express, the Obama motorcade went to a neighborhood in Holland, off McCord Road. Mr. Obama then began knocking on doors and talking to residents


Sue Sekel, a 43-year old healthcare worker dressed for a day of Sunday housecleaning, opened her front door to discover Obama standing before her.

He asked her what she did for a living and how she was managing in the economic downturn. Sekel said she was doing fine and that she voted early.

Later, she declined to tell reporters who she voted for, but she said, "I told him what I did." She also said Sunday was "the one day I come home to clean ceiling fans and look like crap, and then this happens."

Obama never stops being a dad.

As word spread that Obama was in the neighborhood, a few dozen people gathered across the street to watch, as three teenage girls raced across the street in bare feet and socks, armed with cameras.

"Where are your shoes?" Obama asked them, before taking photos with them and crossing the street. There he shook hands with about a dozen neighbors, asking them what they did for a living and offering words of concern.

The organization Obama has built is just short of miraculous. Never in the history of Presidential politics has anyone built the type of ground organization as the Obama campaign. Thousands of participants across the country have taken part in the campaign's push to victory.

In many states, a final statewide training session was held last week for Obama field organizers, to be followed by get-out-the-vote training for team leaders. In Missouri, about 400 neighborhood teams are set up around the state, each with a goal of getting about 4,000 votes in their area. The hope, said Missouri director Buffy Wicks, is as get-out-the-vote efforts intensify in the campaign's final weeks, the teams will have established themselves enough to deliver the backing that Obama will need.

And, Obama has been as close to the ground game as any Presidential contender can get.

At a training session in Ohio that Obama attended Friday night, the candidate wondered just how much of a strength all the campaign's efforts would prove to be.

"We've been designing and we've been engineering and we've been at the drawing board and we've been tinkering," he said. "Now it's time to just take it for a drive. Let's see how this baby runs."

I am just astonished by Obama. He has been working so hard to bring us to victory that one can feel nothing but pride being a part of it all.


Wow! Thank you for recommending this diary. Apparently Obama canvassed for 1 hour and spoke to a lot of people. Here is another person who said she will vote for Obama because he reached out to her community.

Denise Knisley, a 53-year-old grocery store employee, said she had been thinking about voting for the Democrat and definitely will after meeting him. The two talked for several minutes in her driveway, with Obama leaning against the open gate of a silver Jeep Liberty.

"He sounds really positive, like he's going to help us," Knisley said. "You've got to believe in somebody."

Originally posted to sweetliberty on Sun Oct 12, 2008 at 03:04 PM PDT.

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