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Note--obviously, I'm not Bruce (I'm his online guy), but the campaign is using his Kos account to help spread some good news.  Take a look!

Big news today in the fight to ditch Mitch McConnell--take a look at this email from campaign manager Brad Katz:

We're tied!

SurveyUSA's new independent poll of Kentucky's Senate race has Bruce and Mitch McConnell all tied up at 48% apiece!

With two weeks left, we have the momentum.  The outcome of this race will decide how strong our chances of bringing real reform to Washington will be in 2009.  This is a must-win race!

We have to build on this momentum now if we want victory on Election Day.  Please contribute $15 today to help us close the deal and Ditch Mitch:

If Mitch McConnell survives this election, we can expect more of the same obstructionism that has driven our economy off on the wrong track.  

America needs a new direction, and Kentucky is clamoring for a new voice in Washington.
Please help us rid Washington of its number one roadblock, and restore Kentucky's priorities to the U.S. Senate, by contributing $15 to defeat Mitch McConnell:

This is a unique opportunity.  Defeating the Senate Minority Leader would be the biggest blow we could deal to Congressional Republicans this November.  We can't let this moment pass us by--please give today!


Brad Katz
Campaign Manager

Originally posted to Bruce Lunsford on Tue Oct 21, 2008 at 02:22 PM PDT.

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