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Senator McCain, your party appears less cohesive with each passing day, what with some of its nuttier members finally being called out for their extreme views, and the more intelligent members endorsing Obama left and right. One would expect you to re-tool your platform and come up with a new set of ideas to move forward... but instead, you and your aides are clinging to the strategy of stirring up hatred and preying on voters' fears. You seem to think that a 'character assassination' of Barack Obama is your best (only?) remaining chance of stealing the election in November.

Well, Senator McCain, we've got news for you:

"Senator McCain can keep on trying to attack me and distract you, but it is not going to work.  You will not be hoodwinked, you will not be bamboozled.  Not this time.
Not now, because while my opponent thinks this campaign is all about me, the truth is this campaign is about you."
-- Barack Obama in St. Louis, October 18

Senator McCain, congresswoman Bachmann, and other subscribers to the right-wing hypocrisy, you face a much, much bigger problem:

You're not just up against Barack Obama. You're up against me and the 175,000+ other Missourians who turned out to support a call for change on October 18.  You're up against self-proclaimed rednecks who aren't swayed by your pseudo-populist attacks on "liberal elitism". You're facing a movement with roots not just in traditionally "blue" states but in your own backyard and in cities, small towns, and rural areas across the country. On November 4th they will show you and your colleagues just how "real" every part of America is.

You're up against more than 3,000,000 Americans who have contributed to this historic campaign, not to mention the record number of early-voterswho have already cast their votes for change. You've got a problem with the millions of folks who are sick (some literally) and can't afford four more years of politics as usual, and your brand won't sell among working-class voters who want a leader looking out for them, not for the corporate lobbyists who run your campaign.  

Senator McCain, the problem isn't about personal characteristics or who has more celebrity appeal. It's not something you can solve by picking a charismatic running mate or attacking Barack Obama for his relationships (or lack thereof) with past associates. The problem is that Americans are faced by real problems and you can't offer them any solutions. The problem is that your failed philosophy of deregulation and "trickle-down" economic policies have never benefited the shops and factories of main street America, and now they have even brought wall street to the brink. The problem, Mr. McCain, is that you and your party are on the wrong side of history.

Our nation faces serious struggles in the years ahead -- including the epic tasks of restoring the economy while providing health care for the 50 million Americans without insurance, rebuilding our national infrastructure, and coming to grips with the most serious environmental crisis that humanity has ever seen -- and we, the people, will act decisively to meet these challenges.  

Our first step will be to elect progressive leaders. Between now and November 4, each one of us will do everything we can to GET OUT THE VOTE for Barack Obama and all the candidates further down the ticket, from Judy Bakerhere in Missouri to Darcy Burnerin Washington. You and your colleagues, Mr. McCain, will try to stop us. But this year, we will fight back.

But November 4 is just the beginning. Our second step to real change will be to hold our leaders accountable, from our local councilpersons all the way to the White House. We will get involved, stay involved, and keep grassroots organizations strong. We will keep building at the netroots, too, where blogs like DailyKos have put the public back in the "public sphere".

Remember what Obama said: this election is about us. We are the change our country needs. We are fired up and ready to go!

We are Barack Obama.

Originally posted to Anthro Doc on Fri Oct 24, 2008 at 03:21 PM PDT.


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