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Folks, I am on the road driving to VA to help with the GOTV efforts there and typing from iPhone so this diary is to inform of great news coming from the sunshine state. Unfortunately, I cannot cut and paste link but I am hoping someone else posts a new diary with more content. The republican leaning Cuban American National Foundation has endorsed Barack Obama in the Washington Post.

UPDATE: thanks guys! I was not expecting a rec from this as I was hoping others would flush out the details. To answer a couple of comments from fellow kossacks. Those who have lived Miami politics understand the importance of this news in the Miami Cuban community. It is the first outright rejection oh the bush policy towards Cuba from this high profile organization.  This is more than an endorsement, it's an affirmation that change is not only coming to Washington, but Cuba as well, and for that, I thank you for the rec. I am still on my iPhone btw - wife is driving so no worries :-).

Jorge Mas Santos wrote an op-ed on wapo spelling out in detail how the failed policies of the Bush admin have not led to freedom in the island. He then goes on to lay out recommendations for what needs to be done. He finishes by stating that the candidate more in like with those recommendations is Obama.

Guys - this can be potentially huge with the Cuban American community in south Florida. I am Cuban and grew up in Miami and never would of imagined in my wildest dreams this would happen. This story needs to become viral!! So please, if someone can pick-up this thread and post it with links I would be happy to delete this diary. Thanks in advance.  

Originally posted to devildogs on Wed Oct 29, 2008 at 06:00 AM PDT.

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