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There are about 30 people in this room, all busy, either making calls or inputing data or greeting walk-ins.  There are two other rooms just as full and just as busy--this was the one with the most floor space.  I'm on the floor right now, because we're simply out of chairs.  The phones don't stop ringing.

Welcome to the Campaign for Change headquarters in Richmond, VA.

Last night, I got out of here around 4 a.m. There were at least 40 people still working when I left.  It's about 10 p.m. now, and there are at least a hundred.

You know the sound of a talking mob, like in a theater just before the lights dim?  Multiply that by your wildest dreams.  That's what I'm hearing.

Food keeps walking in--church group volunteers, elderly couples, middle-age bachelors, moms with toddlers on one arm and plates of food in the other have all brought supplies in the past hour.  The food table in the break room has been completely reset and refilled at least five times today that I've seen, and probably several more times that I missed while working in another room.  The hub director runs a tight ship.

1.2 million: that's how many calories, in the form of granola bars, I've handled today.  200 boxes of Quaker Chewys.  Just for the kids of people helping with GOTV.  If an army marches on its stomach, we're ready to storm the beaches.

Ashley Baia is sitting nearby.  This is her domain: we are all here because of Ashley.

I'm driving a couple of hours later tonight to drop off tee shirts and lit in Northern Virginia.  Then I'll go visit my wife for what may well be the only time between tonight and Election Day.

The campaign ran out of places to canvass in Virginia yesterday.  That's because there were more than 13,000 people on the streets.  More than 500,000 doors were knocked just yesterday, just in Virginia.  More people knocked on doors for Obama than attended both McCain rallies.

[ONLY UPDATE I'LL POST BECAUSE BLOGGING TAKE UP TIME AND DOESN'T WIN VOTES: 11,702 people walked for Obama in VA today, we just learned.]

Maps cover the walls.  Congressional districts, state senate districts, media markets, population density, city streets.  Fly strips hang from the ceiling.  Closing doors wastes time and interferes with the flow of foot traffic, so they stay open as long as the weather permits.  That includes two loading dock doors.

The lawyers are ready, just in case.

I'm getting off the floor, and logging off.

Change is coming.  

Get off your computer.  

Get out the vote.

Originally posted to JR on Sun Nov 02, 2008 at 07:02 PM PST.

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