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Turns out Rush Limbaugh has been ranting on the radio about me and others who have promoted the idea of something like or

Limbaugh wants to continue to see the world in the old failed politics of partisanship for partisan sake.    We are talking abouth millions of Americans joining with their President to get things done together.   Rush thinks this idea makes no sense.   Perhaps he thinks letting the oil companies write our energy policy is the better way to do things.   The poor guy doesn't get it.   Rush read the book to find out what that means.    A guy who has a radio network of millions doesn't think the President of the United States should have one.

[Rush's rant after the jump...]

Read his diatribe here.

My favorite part:

"Trippi predicted that Obama would use his forces, first and foremost, to intimidate congressional foes of his agenda, rally his allies and forge 'one of the most powerful presidencies in American history.' ... because his Internet operation was miles ahead of Republican John McCain's, Obama's liberal-to-libertarian electronic activists are in a position to dominate the new political medium much as conservative Republicans dominate talk radio. ... 'We really know who Obama's community leaders are,' issue by issue, said Thomas Gensemer, the managing director of Blue State Digital, the Washington-based mobilizer of online communities."  Trippi said this: "Obama will be able to say these are the 10 members of Congress standing in our way on health care. Basically, it'll be the president and the people united, with some members of Congress in between, which won't be a very comfortable place to be."

Let me translate this for you: 3.1 million volunteers and Internet donors all continuing to get blast e-mails from the Obama campaign.  The Obama presidency will continue in campaign mode just as Clinton's did.  What they're going to do is find somebody to send the e-mails out on whatever issue it is, Obama wants tax rate to 90%, Obama wants whatever he wants, if he runs into trouble, he tells these 3.1 million people we got these ten congressmen -- and it can be Democrats -- we got these ten congressmen, these two senators, they're providing us problems, we need you to really go after them"

Yeah Rush because the system where lobbyists from Wall Street or Big Oil spreading money around Washington has worked so well -- Lets keep the people out.   Earth to Rush it doesn't work that way anymore and it will never work that way again.

Rush Limbaugh doesn't get it.  No wonder the right has lost its way.  Its a President asking the people to work together and Rush still trying to do it the old way.  Good Luck.

Joe Trippi

 And here's the real red meat a little further on:

Here comes the Internet onslaught, and we've seen how Harry Reid and Pelosi bent over, grabbed the ankles for and Daily Kos.  So I mention all this, right now it's prediction and speculation.  But I far believe most of this than I believe this silly notion that Obama's going to be a harmless little centrist 'cause he knows he can't go very far and the economy is so bad, he's not going to be able to raise taxes, there's nothing to tax, there's no capital gains to tax. This is why we spent two years learning who Obama is.  It's why we spent years learning about his past and who his alliances are with, the things the Drive-Bys were not interested in, the things McCain was not interested in.  

Originally posted to Joe Trippi on Fri Nov 07, 2008 at 12:49 PM PST.

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