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SoCal is once again on fire. This is a follow on to johnsonwax's SoCal Fires Liveblog.  Please recommend.

At least 4 fires are burning in Santa Barbara, Sylmar, Brea, Yorba Linda and Corona. Yorba Linda/Corona/Anaheim Hills fire is burning out of control rapidly to the west and destroying homes.

Evacuation Hotline: (800) 439-2909 (h/t peraspera)
California Fire Incident Page (h/t giodude)
LA Fire Department Blog (h/t giodude)
Orange County Red Cross

Update: 11/16 16:10 Orange County: 26000 evacuated.

A Kossack's personal account of her parent's loss.

Update: 11/16 10:36  Wildfire Blog has a good post

Update: 11/16 8:00 NBC Los Angeles is resuming its regular Sunday programming.

Update: 11/16 7:54 Sunday Road Closure Information

Update: 11/16 7:49 Updated containment figures from Cal Fire site.

Tea Fire (Monticito/Santa Barbara) 75% contained

Thursday evening the Tea Fire started in Monticito near Santa Barbara and burned 111 homes, currently 40% contained. Map

Sayre Fire (Sylmar) 30% contained

Friday evening around 11PM PST the Sayre Fire started near Sylmar which has burned over 600 homes and 6500 acres. 10% contained. I-210 and I-5 north of the 118 are expected to reopen shortly (I-5 now open per KNBC). Metrolink service in north Valley is shut down. Map

Triangle Complex Fire (formerly Freeway) (Yorba Linda/Corona/Anaheim Hills) 0% contained

Saturday morning, a fire started in Yorba Linda. It doesn't appear to be named yet. At least 265 homes/apts. and 2000 acres have burned. The 91 between Yorba Linda and Corona is closed and the fire has jumped the 91 freeway and heading toward Anaheim Hills. It appears a 2nd fire is in Corona, just a few miles east. OC Fire requests that residents in the area stop using water because of pressure problems. Map

Winds are expected to continue through Sunday, so this may develop further.

Live Video Coverage
KNBC Live Video Coverage (h/t Phil S 33)
KCAL Live Video Coverage
KABC/CNN Live Video Coverage (h/t nika7k)
KTTV Live Video Coverage (h/t Sarah Ann)

Originally posted to WestWind on Sun Nov 16, 2008 at 06:22 AM PST.

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