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We all knew the ranch in Crawford was a set. Like Reagan's movie ranch, where he posed for the cameras to make everyone think he was a working man while he was leading the charge on union busting, Bush's Crawford photo op background was all about getting him elected. Now that he's off the public housing teat, he's moving into a $2 million house complete with servant's quarters.

For a photo and a rant from a disabled, unemployed, nearly bankrupt working man, come on in.

A little over a year ago now, my Doctor told me to stop lifting anything over 20 lbs. I had to quit my 20 year career as a stage technician in Los Angeles. I lost my house. My wife and son and I moved back east, near relatives, and into much cheaper housing. I cashed the 401k last summer (good thing, that). Now that's gone. I try to work a little (getting higher search engine rankings for small businesses), but small businesses just don't have much money right now.

So, we're screwed. If you look back at some of my former diaries, you'll see that we've applied for welfare. It's not going to be nearly enough.

But I never killed anybody. I never ordered the torture of anyone. I've helped people every time I could. I worked hard, did well, and developed osteoarthritis. Social security says "we don't care what your doctor says, you're fine." I have to wait two years for a hearing on that.

And what to do in the mean time? Some days I can barely walk. Just changing guitar strings yesterday took forever and hurt for hours afterwords.

And GW Bush, a mass murdering, thieving, lying, sociopath asshole is not going to prison. He's not sick. He's not broke. He's moving into a $2 million dollar home with servants' quarters.

Now, I'm not saying people with money don't deserve good things, nice houses, servants. I'm saying the man "in charge" for the last 8 years, while the US Treasury was being systematically looted by his friends and cronies, shouldn't have a dime. He shouldn't have a house. He should have a cell.

I'm saying the man who let Halliburton feed amputated soldiers limbs to wild dogs should at least be investigated for his crimes.

I've always been skeptical that we had any kind of justice for the rich in this country. I've had optimistic friends say that this is the country of justice for all, equality, fairness...

Blah, blah, blah.

What more proof do you need? The worst criminal in the history of the United States isn't going to prison. He's moving into... into... THAT!

You have got to be kidding me.

I recently updated my George Bush quotes page. Some of the new ones are real doozies. Looking them over (it's amazing how much stupid shit someone can say in 8 years), I see the pattern of disdain he feels for everyone else. The times when he says what he really is thinking are particularly horrifying for their utter contempt for the peons he's forced to be around.

Well, I'll be eating a lot of potatoes and cabbage this winter. Keeping the thermostats down at 58. After January 20, George'll be nice and warm down in Dallas, on his cul-de-sac, without an indictment in sight.

Epic fail.

Updated with the right picture. I was so pissed I screwed it up! Thanks to MTmofo.

Updated again to say thanks for the recs! Haven't been on the list in a long time.

Updated yet again to fix the plural possessive in the title. I'm funny that way.

Originally posted to supak on Thu Dec 04, 2008 at 02:07 PM PST.

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