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As a battled scarred veteran of the Feminist Wars in the middle of the last century,  the single quickest way to get my hackles up is to tell me what you are doing, and never deign to explain why.  In the long history of male dominance of the world, excluding women by withholding explanations was the single most successful tactic ever devised.  Now, it would seem, in spite of promises, that tactic is being utilized by our governemnt, once again.  

One of the things that first drew me to Obama was his oft repeated promise of a new openness in government.  We would be included, we would be given understanding, and we would participate. So why is our Democratic Congress failing to tell us why they are doing the confusing and unpolitic things they daily parade before us?  Why is our newly elected President not explaining his Cabinet choices?

Then why not just explain?

Why is Leahy caving in to Republican demands to delay Eric Holder's confirmation?  Is there a reason that we don't understand?  Is there an issue that we are not aware of?

Why not just explain?

As Glen Greenwald laid out on Bill Moyers Journal Nancy Pelosi and Jane Harmon gave either passive or active approval to the torture program and illegal wiretapping.  Why would they do that?  Is there some reason we do not understand?

Why not just explain?

Harry Reid has been a continual disappointment during his tenure as Majority Leader in the Senate.  He is widely touted as a terrific behind the closed door manipulator by the media and Democratic Senators.  But, those of us watching from the outside fail to see his leadership.  

What, or who, is Reid manipulating?  What has he accomplished?  Why does it seem that he always rolls over when he sees any threat of tantrum from the Republicans in the body?  How has he devolved to a position in his Senate that requires a super majority for every issue brought to the body?

Why not just explain?

Obama is appointing people to his cabinet that have historically taken positions in direct opposition to many of his campaign slogans.  Ken Salazar has always been a supporter of the oil industry, and encouraged extraction as an energy strategy.  How is this a "green" appointment?  What don't we understand.  What don't we know?

Why not just explain?

Why do I have this growing feeling that we are, once again, being ushered out of the power bubble?  Our votes were garnered, our money was collected, and our energy was expended. Now we are being tossed aside.  We are once again being told what is good for us  Why is there no apparent obligation in a widely proclaimed "open government" to tell us why decisions are being made?

The fashion is to rush to the microphone and assure the world that "The American people are smarter than they are given credit for being."  Flattery?  Frou-frou?  Another way to distract and mislead as the same old, same old, goes on behind the scenes?

I'm getting into a funk.  

I hear the dulcet tones of a classic chorus, chanting, "Don't worry your pretty little head.  We know what we're doing.  We know what's best.  We are making decisions based on what we think is best for YOU."  It's the same melody line, buried in a new harmony.  But, it still excludes the people from their government.  It is just as effective as the Victorian male excluding women from the vote, financial markets, and any decision that might have an impact on their world.

This is not open government!  

This is not how to maintain a Democracy.  This is not the pony we were promised.  And now that the election is over, we are once again reduced to standing by while the power brokers take decisions in our name, with no attempt to explain.

Originally posted to Granny Doc on Wed Dec 17, 2008 at 09:28 AM PST.

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