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I refuse to write another word until The Citizens Petition: Special Prosecutor for Bush War Crimes has over 6307 12,643,721 signatures!


If you ever want me to write again (since I am the Center of the Universe (according to my ego (which is almost ALWAYS wrong) and you hang on my every word and all) you will do something about it!

Plus, I am going to start holding my breath and jumping up and down...........NOW!

HA! I can already hear the heads of the collective Blogosphere asploding!

And I haven't even published yet!

(PS, this strike has nothing to do (despite the rife rumors) with the fact that I am burnt and couldn't come up with another promo idea!)

I urge you to join me in this strike until at LEAST one more person has signed the petition! If you don't like strikes of this kind and want to stop this whiny nonsense.....go sign The Citizens Petition: Special Prosecutor for Bush War Crimes!!!


In light of this important communication....I am now also stomping my feet and wriggling around on the ground!

Only YOU can prevent forest fires!

UPDATE 2: A real one! Go rec up this diary:SecDef Gates Looking at Perjury?

Originally posted to buhdydharma on Tue Dec 23, 2008 at 11:30 AM PST.

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