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One Request: A lot of you have been offering great suggestions, but if you could write definitions for your proposed entries, I would be very grateful...especially since many of you have made suggestions that predate my time here!

Well, 2008 is now over.  But what a year it was for us here at DailyKos!  Polls, debates, political scandals, and wars abounded (also, yoobetcha), but perhaps most importantly, DailyKos passed the 200,000 user mark.  Congrats and welcome to all!

I understand that DailyKos can be, well, a little daunting to a newbie, especially when it comes to understanding all the Kossack jargon.  Nonetheless, fear not, new users, for I have written a comprehensive guide to understanding Kos-speak.  With luck, this lexicon will enable new and old users alike to communicate and understand each other a little better this year.  (Note that words are not in alphabetical order, and that how a word is commonly defined on DailyKos may not necessarily match its definitions elsewhere.)

(All New, With Improved Thesaurus Action!)

The fold, n. The "_____'s diary" hyperlink which appears after the end of the introduction section of a diary, i.e.:

DailyKos, n.  The website you are currently reading, located at
   Synonyms Include: DKos, Great Orange Satan

Kossack, n.  Any registered DailyKos user who posts diaries or comments on DailyKos.
   Synonyms Include: Kosmonauts

Diary, n.  A user-written essay, composed of an introduction section and a body section, to which comments may be attached.  A diary is viewable by clicking on its title on the right side of the main page (, although it will eventually be bumped off the main page to make room for newer diaries.

Story, n.  A front pager written essay, usually composed of only one section, to which comments may be attached.  A story is directly viewable on the main page (, although it will eventually be bumped off to make room for newer stories.

Comment, n.  A brief remark, composed of a subject line and a body, submitted by a user in response to a diary, story, or earlier comment.  Ideally, a comment should be relevant to the diary, story, or comment to which it replies, although in practice this is frequently ignored.

N/T, adj.  Short for "no text."  Generally used in the subject line of a comment to indicate that the body of the comment is empty.
   Synonyms Include: eom

asdf, adj.  Not short for anything.  Used in the subject line of a comment to indicate that the entirety of the comment is in the body.

Open thread, n.  A story with no content, posted to enable users to comment whatever topics they feel like without having to concern themselves with relevance.

Top Comments, n.  (1) A daily diary feature compiling some of the funniest, most sagacious, or otherwise best comments of the day, as collected and submitted by Kossacks. (2) Any comments so compiled.
   Synonyms Include: TC

Breaking, adj.  (1) A word used in the title of a diary to indicate that it contains exciting news fresh off the presses. (2) More frequently, a word used in the title of a diary to attract people's attention, regardless of whether (1) applies or not.

Updated, adj.  A word used in the title of a diary to indicate that noteworthy additions or changes have been made to the content since the diary was first posted.

Kos, n.  The founder and head administrator of DailyKos.  The name is pronounced to rhyme with "gross," but no further connection between those two words should be implied.
  Synonyms Include: Markos Moulitsas, our lord and master

Better Democrat, n.  (1) Part of a vague slogan coined by Kos to serve as a left-wing rallying cry and an enunciation of DailyKos's main goal: to elect "more and better Democrats". (2) Any Democratic political figure who agrees with my views 100% of the time.
   Synonyms Include: real Democrat, real liberal, true progressive, Russ Feingold

Blue Dog, n.  (1) Any member of the Blue Dog Coalition, an organization comprised of moderate and socially conservative Democratic senators and representatives. (2) Any Democratic political figure who agrees with my views less than 100% of the time, and continues to hold those wrongheaded views even after I took the trouble to write them an angry email to set them straight.
   Synonyms Include: self-hating liberal, DINO, DLCer, traitor, Alan Colmes

Progressive, n.  (1) Any person subscribing to a liberal political ideology. (2) Any person who agrees with my views 100% of the time.  Often preceded by the words "real" or "true," particularly when used to mean (2).
   Synonyms Include: liberal, Democrat

Troll, n.  (1) Any person who posts offensive, moronic, off-topic, or baseless comments or diaries specifically to stir up trouble. (2) Any person who agrees with my views less than 100% of the time, and persists in those wrongheaded views even after I so kindly set them straight.
   Synonyms Include: jerk, dumbass, fucktard, freeper, PUMA

Purity troll, n.  A person who complains insistently that other people are not true Democrats, for completely piffling or irrelevant reasons.

Concern troll, n.  A person who attempts to undermine the Democratic party in the guise of opening their eyes to impending disaster.

Sock puppet, n.  An extra DailyKos account set up by a troll to enable him or her to rec his or her own comments and diaries.

Squirmy rooter, n.  A long-running in-joke most commonly found in the comments following a diary by JeffLieber.  (Do not ask what it specifically is.  You are happier not knowing.)

Rick roll, v.  The act of linking to what is purportedly a relevant YouTube video, but when clicked turns out to be a video of Rick Astley's music video for "Never Gonna Give You Up."

Moran, n.  Anyone whose stupidity and ignorance have reached epic proportions and now border on critical mass.

Tubes, n.  (1) The internet, in reference to a particularly unenlightened comment regarding the composition of the internet by a certain Sen. Ted Stevens. (2) Sen. Ted Stevens.  Often preceded by "the" or "series of" when used to mean (1), and by "Senator" when used to mean (2).

Tag, n.  A descriptive word or phrase shown in a hyperlink at the end of a diary to categorize its content and allow users to easily search for other diaries on the topic.

Fuck, v or int.  (1) To copulate strenuously. (2) An exclamation of anger, fear, or surprise. (3) A syllable used to complete a compound insult, i.e.: fuckface. (4) Part of the insult phrase "fuck you." (5) A filler word used in all forms of grammar to convey intense emotion without having to include any content or rational discussion, i.e.: "Fuck those fucking fuckers!  The fucks!" (5) A word used sparingly to underscore the emotion in a thought-out, rational comment or diary.

Rec, n or v.  (1) To click the "Recommend" button on the upper right-hand side of a diary to convey approval. (2) To click the "Recommend" box at the bottom of a comment to convey approval. (3) The approval so given by doing either (1) or (2).
   Synonyms Include: tip, mojo

HR, n or v.  Short for "hide rate." (1) To click the "Hide" box at the bottom of a comment to convey severe disapproval.  Only trusted users have this ability, and are allowed to HR only five times in a 24 hour period. (2) The disapproval so given by doing (1).  A comment which racks up a certain amount of HRs becomes invisible to anyone but trusted users, as do all comments responding to said comment.
   Synonyms Include: TR, troll rate, donut, hydrate

Smite button, n.  Theorectically, the button which would allow users to HR a diary.  No such button yet exists, however, though it is much hoped for by many trusted users.

Rec list, n.  The location on the right side of the main page where the diaries with the most recs are prominently featured.  Frequently, the authors of rec list diaries update them upon reaching the rec list with a message of gratitude to the recommenders, i.e.: "Holy scheissmeister, I'm on the freaking rec list on New Years Day!  You like me, you really like me!"

Diary Rescue, n. A nightly story, compiled by the Rescue Rangers, that links to well-written diaries that did not receive the recognition they deserved. Diary Rescue is also an open thread, and is often used as a forum by other Kossacks to shamelessly advertise their diaries.

Diary pimping, n.  The act of shamelessly advertising one's diary.

Rescue Rangers, n. A group of Kossacks who go through all the day's diaries and find those that failed to reach the rec list but are in their opinion worthy of more widespread attention.

Trusted user, n.  Often shortened to "TU."  A Kossack who has received a certain quantity of recs, which allows them to HR and to view hidden comments.

Hidden comments, n.  (1) A special section of DailyKos, accessible only to trusted users. (2) Any comments included in said section of DailyKos by virtue of accruing a certain quantity of HRs.

I/P, n or adj.  Short for "Israel/Palestine." A genre of diaries comprising any diary that mentions the State of Israel or its occupied territories in any way, implicitly or explicitly.  Usually accompanied by a lengthy comment section rife with flames, angry outbursts, hurt feelings, assertions of moral superiority, and generally astounding ignorance.
   Synonyms Include: futile, pointless, clusterfuck, circle-jerk

edscan, n.  A reclusive Kossack who surfaces occasionally to write cryptic, oddly phrased diaries with elaborate tags, known as edkus, whose meanings are then parsed by his adherents.

Lizard People, n.  People who are also lizards, and who famously garnered a write-in vote in Minnesota for several different offices.
   Synonyms Include: our lizard overlords, James Carville

Snark, n.  A satirical or sarcastic comment or diary.

Meta, n. A genre of diaries comprising any diary about events on DailyKos.

MetaJesus, n.  A mystical being who disapproves of your meta, and who, if you don't knock it off right now, will cry.

FSM, n.  Short for "Flying Spaghetti Monster."  A mystical being composed of spaghetti and meatballs, originally intended as a satire of monotheism.  Unlike MetaJesus, he is neutral about meta, but he approves of pirates.

Flame, n or v.  (1) A personal attack on the character or intelligence of any user. (2) Any attack on or refutation of my views or the views of anyone who agrees with me.

Falme, v (in its original usage).  A corruption of the word "flame," originating in the request made particularly brief and pointless diary: "Dont falme me pleas."  Generally used as a standalone comment on similarly brief or pointless diaries to indicate that the diary sucks.
   Synonyms Include: fail, epic fail, delete this dairy,


Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies


   * 2 1/4 cups all-purpose flour
   * 1 teaspoon baking soda
   * 1 teaspoon salt
   * 1 cup butter, softened
   * 3/4 cup granulated sugar
   * 3/4 cup packed brown sugar
   * 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
   * 2 large eggs
   * 2 cups chocolate chips
   * 1 cup chopped nuts


  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.
  2. Combine flour, baking soda and salt in small bowl. Beat butter, granulated sugar, brown sugar and vanilla extract in large mixer bowl until creamy. Add eggs, one at a time, beating well after each addition. Gradually beat in flour mixture. Stir in chocolate chips and nuts. Drop by rounded tablespoon onto ungreased baking sheets.
  3. Bake for 9 to 11 minutes or until golden brown. Cool on baking sheets for 2 minutes; remove to wire racks to cool completely.

Front pager, n.  A user who has been enabled by Kos to post stories and moderate the site.
   Synonyms Include: FPer, my hero, lucky bastard

Pootie, n.  An animal of the species Felis catus or Felis domesticus.
   Synonyms Include: None.  They're called pooties here.  Period.

Ceiling Cat, n.  A mystical pootie who watches you from on high while you masturbate.

Pootie pic, n. Any uploaded picture of a pootie posted in a diary or a comment, often with a humorous caption.  Frequently used to cheer up fellow users or to comment on a discussion, i.e.:

Woozle, n.  An animal of the species Canis familiaris.
   Synonyms Include: None.  They're called woozles here.  Period.

Evil, n or adj.  (1) Any viewpoint or action which is morally wrong. (2) Any person, ideology, or group that habitually disagrees with me.
   Synonyms Include: Bush, Republican, Joe Lieberman, religion, Sarah Palin, Israel, Rick Warren

Racist, n or adj.  (1) Any person who is prejudiced against a group of others based on their skin color or ethnicity. (2) Anyone whose views on race issues are less strident or dichotomous than mine. (3) Anyone whose views opposing the occupation of Palestine are less strident or dichotomous than mine.  (4) A word used by a person so labeled to label their labeler, i.e.: "My views aren't racist at all.  You're the one who's really racist!"

Homophobe, n.  (1) Any person who is prejudiced against homosexuals. (2) Anyone whose views on gay rights issues are less strident or dichotomous than mine.

Sexist, n or adj.  (1) Any person who is prejudiced against a group of others based on their gender. (2) Anyone whose views on gender issues are less strident or dichotomous than mine.  (3) A word used by a person so labeled to label their labeler, i.e.: "My views aren't sexist at all.  You're the one who's really sexist!"

Anti-Semite, n. (1) Any person who is prejudiced against Jews solely for their religion or ethnic heritage. (2) Anyone whose views supporting the state of Israel are less strident or dichotomous than mine.

GBCW, n.  Short for "Goodbye, cruel world."  A diary written by a user to announce his or her intention to leave DailyKos permanently, usually but not always including a rant about how other people's actions or attitudes forced him or her to make that decision, and admonishing those who remain to change their ways.

UID, n.  Short for "user identification number." The number which indicates in what order a person joined Dailykos.  A low UID indicates that a person is a longstanding member, and possibly prone to ranting about "the good old days" before DailyKos became popular.  A high UID indicates that a person is a n00b, and possibly prone to whining about how mean everybody is.  It can be seen at the bottom left of one's computer screen by mousing over the hyperlinked username at the bottom of a comment, after which one can gain a superiority or inferiority complex as required.

IOKIYAR, adj.  Short for "It's okay if you're a Republican."  A phrase used to describe Republican hypocrisy on issues such as sex scandals.

MSM, n. Short for "mainstream media."  Any news source other than the blogosphere/tubes.
   Synonyms Include: tradmed, traditional media

IGTNT, n. Short for "I got the news today."  A diary series commemorating and describing the life of each U.S. soldier who has died in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Cheers and Jeers, n.  A daily story on the front page which uses humor to irreverently assess and comment on the important or just plain weird news of the day.

Mojo Friday, n.  A weekly diary posted on Friday mornings for the sole purpose of allowing users to make and rec pointless comments in the hopes of earning TU status.

Absolutist, n.  (1) Anyone who makes monochromatic, sweeping generalizations about any group. (2) Anyone who makes monochromatic, sweeping generalizations about groups with which I sympathize.

Realist, n.  (1) A person who views the world as it really is.  (2) Anyone who makes sweeping generalizations about groups with which I do not sympathize.

Barack Obama, n.  (1) Our current President-elect, who will take office on January 20.  (2) The man who will bring common sense, competency, and constitutionality back to the American government. (3) A charlatan who ran as a better Democrat but is not instituting the exact changes I want.
   Synonyms Include: President-elect, "that one," the antichrist, UID #66948

Pie, n.  A delicious, round baked good featuring a crust and some kind of filling.  Often included as the final option in a poll to serve as a "None of the above/I don't really care" option, although variations may be used instead, i.e.: "Fruit Pie," "I like pie," "Pi," "3.14159," or "Circumference/Diameter."

Poll, n.  A question and brief list of possible answers displayed at the very end of a diary so that readers of the diary can select the answer which most closely matches their opinion, thus providing a very unscientific measure of users' opinions, i.e.:

Originally posted to Elsinora on Thu Jan 01, 2009 at 02:36 PM PST.


Is this a poll?

100%539 votes

| 539 votes | Vote | Results

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