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I sometimes forget how things look to people who aren’t hyper-involved in current events and politics – and with that, it is usually about things that I see or hear about where my opinion is that it may be much more significant than it actually is.  One perfect example is the attempt at revisionist history regarding Bush by many in The Village as well as former administration officials who swear that time will show that Bush was a visionary who did some very good things and was highly misunderestimated.  Another is the ridiculous rantings, "very serious republicans", by Freeperville and their ilk when it comes to trying to redefine what the future of their party should be.

The most basic and obvious observation is that the very thing that these "credible people who know what’s best" believe in is precisely what Americans just rejected by the largest margin on so many levels.  And the punch line is that they just don’t see it, no matter how many times it smacks them in the face.

Crying "racism" over the Illinois Senate seat fiasco?  Freepers crying racism?  HA.  Sarah Palin being the future of the party – or else.  Or else, what exactly?  Continued irrelevance and more of a "arrogantly ignorant" tag?  She is one of the biggest reasons why the republican Party was smacked down.  Americans don’t want someone who is more interested in being Homecoming Queen or captain of the cheerleading team than having the temperament and skillset to lead a country – even moreso at a time when critical thinking skills are more important that a wink and a zinger.

Trying now to distance yourselves from Bush and "the fake republican party who were not conservatives", even though you wanted more money for war, more money for corporations, less regulation for the financial institutions who are now getting corporate welfare and stood up for torture as "fraternity pranks" (and who the hell can argue "for torture" without being laughed out of the room?) and more presidential power and leaking classified information and "the nook-you-luhr option" – every single thing that resulted in the laughable view of your party by people of all ages and other demographic breakdowns that don’t include "angry old white men with entitlement issues" or "low self esteem cowardly loud arrogant proud-to-be-clueless chickenshit chickenhawk".

And you think that anyone takes anything that you say or think seriously?  Tom DeLay and G. Gordon Liddy and Karl Rove offering "friendly professional advice" to Democrats and republicans as to what this country needs?  Thinking that McCain lost because he was too nice or too liberal or not anti-immigration enough or too soft on torture?  Trying to defend "Barack the Magic Negro".

To put it simply, this mentality and these ideas are precisely why your party lost.  


But please, keep doing just what you are doing.  America needs it.  The world needs it.  The constant reminder of everything that was wrong for the past few years.  Wrong for politics, wrong for this country, wrong for the economy or our safety or the middle class or our infrastructure or our foreign policy.

Hopefully, you can take a leadership role in crashing and burning your party with a consistently heavy dose of extremism and stupidity.

Just remember one thing, and that is to stay classy....

Originally posted to clammyc on Thu Jan 01, 2009 at 12:18 PM PST.

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