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Watching the concert at the Lincoln Memorial!!!!  This is the most amazing thing the Old Redneck and Sweet Thing have ever, ever witnessed!!!

First you need to know that the Old Redneck and Sweet Thing are Southerners.  Our ancestors were slave owners.  The Old Redneck's great-great-granddaddy, in the 1860 census for Wilkinson County,Mississippi, owned 83 slaves.  When the Old Redneck was 12 years old, a black man who worked for my grandfather was kidnapped, tortured, lynched, and burned by the Klan.  I accompanied my grandfather and uncle to the pine woods where we recovered his body and returned him to his family.

As college students, the Old Redneck and Sweet Thing marched in the long hot summers of the mid-60's in Alabama.  We were washed down by Bull Connor's firehoses and nipped by his police dogs.

And now, we are retired -- the Old Redneck is a retired Army colonel, Sweet Thing taught high school English for 35 years -- now we live along the Potomac River in east Virginia.

We worked for Obama, voted for him, and when we saw the results the night of 4 November, the Old Redneck ran out onto our dock and fired off a whole box of shotgun shells in celebration!!!!

We are watching the concert at the Lincoln Memorial with tears streaming down our cheeks!!!

THIS IS THE REAL AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Maybe, just maybe, now we all are free, free at last!!!!!!!!!!!

Originally posted to Old Redneck on Sun Jan 18, 2009 at 01:01 PM PST.

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