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You won't believe it: Newsweek Magazine quotes SEAN HANNITY in its first paragraph on its recent edition.

Yup, using Hannity's language, Evan Thomas and Meachan recall fondly Joe the Plumber's crapping on the campaign trail.

I couldn't believe my eyes: Here we are in a deep recession and instead of offering a debate about what can be done and doing some hard work on crunching what ECONOMISTS are saying about the crisis, Newsweek decided to devote its pages to a fluffy piece with no hard numbers, no critical analysis, just empty phrases about socialism.

Does Joe Meacham even know what socialism is?

It seems clear to me that either this is a blatant attempt by someone with shares in Newsweek to undermine the president or very lazy piece of intellectual bs.

I am disturbed.

I haven't been reading Newsweek for a long time.

But I'm now done with it.


Write to Newsweek and ask them if we should be discussing the ideas of Hannity and Joe the Plumber in the middle of an important debate on our collective future.

Couldn't they have spoken to reasonable people about this?

Couldn't they have done a historical read on recessions?

Couldn't they have debated tax cuts vs spending in a recession and informed people about our choices?

Why did they have to cheapen the debate so much?

Originally posted to pmb on Sat Feb 07, 2009 at 08:12 PM PST.

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