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Here is a list of things I've learned on Daily Kos over the past week:

  1. The Obama Presidency is already a failure, so we should just already plan on President Huckabee Palin in 2012.
  1. If faced with the wrath of the public, the Republicans will finally give in, despite the fact that they still haven't even after getting wiped out in two elections in a row.
  1. Harry Reid can find 3 more votes using a Magical Vote Fairy and totally ignore any republicans.
  1. $800 is a magical boundary below which any stimulus bill is doomed to fail.

  1. Compromise consists of the GOP giving up bad parts of an overall good bill to make it even better!
  1. If we pass the Senate bill, we'll never be able to pass anything else in the Senate ever.  However, if we force the GOP to filibuster the bill, it will suddenly become really easy to pass bills in the Senate.
  1. The Republicans set their sights too low by wanting to eliminate the filibuster for only judicial appointments.
  1. It's better to let the economy go even deeper into the tank just so we can show the Republicans who's boss than to actually help people.
  1. Because your favorite part of the stimulus was cut back, it is destined to fail.
  1. Because we had to compromise with 3 moderate Republicans to get their vote, we just as well let the GOP pass their own bill.
  1. Everything Paul Krugman says shall be added to a new book of the Bible (thanks to The BBQ Chicken Madness  for inspiring this one)

Add your own in the comments!


oh yeah:

Originally posted to FleetAdmiralJ on Sun Feb 08, 2009 at 02:54 PM PST.

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