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I pulled up to my local Getty station ($1.79 Not bad) and put in some dough for my automo-- when suddenly I noticed a car with a bunch of bumper stickers like "Gun owners for Ron Paul" "America First Party" and "Get us out of the UN!" I complimented him on his Ron Paul bumper sticker. This guy looked like a cross between George Carlin and Ron Paul himself. He was also wearing a hat that read "America First Party." He asked me what I thought about Obama, and I replied "So far he is doing swell, I voted for Ron Paul because his stances on civil liberties issues, and ending the war." He went on to say "Nonono, Obama’s a whiner and and he wants more involvement with the UN--he’s connected to a bunch of liberal democrats."(The Horror!) "Oh, well that’s kind of what I am" I told him. "Well, all these politicians are owned by Israel" he grumbled. "Well, it’s more than just Israel, it’s the military industrial complex and the corpor..." "Ahgh! Just read this, you might change your mind about this Obama guy." He then handed me a newsletter entitled "Who is Barack Obama?"

The newsletter is from a rag called American Free Press. I told him that I would read it, and so I put it in my car and drove off. When I got home, I read to find out just what this "Obama guy" is up to.

The first sentence reads

"Those familiar with the pro-Zionist politics of John McCain breathed a sigh of relief at his defeat."

You bet I breathed a sigh of relief, but it was more about not staying in Iraq for 100 years and not going further down the tube to depression.

There’s also a brutal lie that I found under the headline "Some Things About Barack Obama Appeal to Regular Folks"

In fact we have a right to expect: An end to America’s disastrous intervention in Iraq and Afghanistan within 16 months.

WRONG! Not only is it going to be longer than that in Iraq, but Obama will actually escalate the war in Afghanistan.

And of course these people looove dare guhns!

On Hilary Clinton being Secretary of State:

She’ll be the nation’s top diplomat with the power to determine whether the United Nations will pass, and Obama will sign, a global gun ban treaty that will surrender our Second Amendment rights and our national sovereignty.

Puh leeez! Like that would ever happen. Obama has clearly said that he will not take away our guns.

Another belly laugh from the headline "Berlin Speech Raises Some Concerns About Obama"

Obama placed the importance of our "planet" over personal freedom and national sovereignty by saying that we must renew the goals of the world. To do so, he unabashedly promoted a socialist-style agenda.

And then its blah blah Ayers-

This headline "The Obamas’ Problem With America"

Wright blamed the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on America. "We as a white nation brought 9/11 down on ourselves because of our violent acts." However, if Wright had any moral courage, he whould have disclosed that 9/11 wasn’t the fault of innocent Americans, but was orchestrated by a cabal of Israel-first neo-cons within the Bush administration, as well as elements of the Mossad.

WOW! Jeez those Jews are pretty powerful aren’t they? Apparently they just run everything don’t they? The media-In the bag, Politicians-all owned by Israel. High Finance-that’s Israel too The wars?- They all go the way Israel wants. Oh and by the way, isn’t Reverand Wright critical of Israel? Oh, and didn’t Ron Paul "blame America" for the 9/11 attacks?

Wow! This rag is soooo far-out, they think that Obama’s birth certificate is fake:

The behavior of Barack Obama the past six months has greatly increased the doubt that he is a "natural born" American.

At some points, this rag is downright racist:

The very survival of our culture is at stake. The Census Bureau says the United States will become "majority minority" in coming years. Whites will be outnumbered by blacks, Hispanics and Asians. Our European and Christian heritage will be lost. That’s why it is critical that we seal our borders solidly and chase down illegal immigrants.

Also they tell their readers to

reject his proposals to "redistribute the wealth," increase taxes, provide taxpayer-financed abortion on demand, homosexual "rights", gun control and amnesty for illegal immigrants.

so  rascist, and homophobic!

Of course it also goes into the Bilderbergs, Trilaterals, and Council on Foreign Relations.

So all in all, it's pretty much the funniest thing that I have read in a really long time.

Originally posted to greenpunx on Wed Feb 25, 2009 at 08:05 PM PST.

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