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    Here is to the once mighty Union, now an endangered species.

    Congratulations, after generations of working in sweatshops and salt-mines as peasants and slaves, your recent ancestors fought for the right to form unions. Now our unions face the death of a thousand cuts. What can we do to save our unions, which form the base of the dying middle class?

    I have three quick solutions for the American working class during this Worldwide Free Market Globalized Great Depression

  1. EFCA            Support EFCA
  1. Abolish Right To Work For Nothing Laws
  1. Socialized Health Care

   but, before that, let's get into the way back machine and take a look below the fold at a time when unions were young, and the class war was in full bloom.

    You may remember unions from some of their classic hits, such as The Weekend, The Sick Day and Maternity Leave. Other time worn favorites include The End of Child Labor, The End of The 13 Hour Workday and the discovery of Over-Time, as well as the end of Blacklists, and the end of accepted sexual favors/abuse of women employees by management and other abuses of sexism in the workplace(that fight is far from over).  And who could forget that all time holiday favorite, The Holiday .

    Here are a few video produced by U1TV that will help further your education on why unions have been the best thing for working class people since Lincoln freed the slaves.

    It is said by some that the first man to stand up for labor rights was Moses

    In ancient days it took Ten Plagues to fight for labor rights.

    Centuries later, an American President named Abraham Lincoln led the second greatest labor revolt in world history, when he freed the slaves of Teh Confederacy

    The last time a labor leader fought for the right  to organize labor on a massive scale, that leader was murdered.

    The Labor Unions must bargain with the Big Businesses in order to divide the profit produced by Labor and Capital in the most equitable way to both parties involved. But what happens when Business tries to strangle out those unions? What happens when the union can only fail once before it disappears forever, where as the Business can fail over and over, knowing it will always be bailed out because it is considered "Too Big Too Fail." Why aren't Unions TBTF? Or Families? Or the individual?

    We need to get something back when we accept Union cuts in order to avoid killing the golden goose. We have to fight to keep every bit we have gotten, and we need to fight for more, not just the privilege of keeping what we have. We have to support people who unionize 100%. If this is an equal bargain, why doesn't management give back an equal part of their salaries. Is the rule IOKIfIt'sAUnionContract?
    I don't think that the unions should make any concessions at all, not without guarantees that their previous wage and benefit standards will be returned to full levels when recovery happens. Even then, unions should demand that Ownership makes even bigger concessions, because the guy who is making $20 per/hour shouldn't have to take a $5 per/hour pay cut while a CEO making $2 million doesn't have to take at least a 25% as well. That is just hypocrisy.

    If we allow that to happen, if we allow Unions to cut and cut and cede and compromise to no end, what will happen when that Union eventually is cut so deep that it never heals? What happens when the unions die?

    I hope that day never comes.

    We are this close to having to resort to machine breaking if we want to keep our jobs. What we need is a mass movement to support unions and EFCA.

    We need to tear down walls like Taft/Hartley and Right To Work For Nothing laws if we are going to succeed.

    Without the unions that form the backbone of the middle class, all the stimulus money in the world isn't worth dick.

    Build back the middle class, give us jobs with fair and respectable pay, with benefits, health care and retirements to look forward to. Without that, ain't nothing gonna change worth a damn.

    Maybe I'll go to China to visit my old job and see how it's doing.


    "Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor. "

    "What I am simply saying is that we are going to demand what is ours. My friends, the resources are here in America. The question is whether the will is here."

    - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


Originally posted to MinistryOfTruth on Mon Apr 06, 2009 at 09:00 AM PDT.


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