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It was a story of a state just sentencing a large number of Nevada residents to death.  The old American number of 101,000 unnecessary deaths per year need to go up because of the downturn in the economy?

Can't blame the media this time. Dallasdoc wrote that it was like "Nyceve TV."  This isn't about insurance companies or banks in the state that was hit the hardest in the housing downturn.

The state dosen't deserves all of the blame with the false debate that federal government leadership has been hosting for so long. When American's heard the words of Helen Sharp in The Clinic is Closed, this should be viewed as a national emergency.

I don't want to die. I shouldn't have to die. This is a county hospital. This is for people that, like me, many people have lost their insurance, have not any other resources. I mean I was a responsible person. I bought my house. I put money away. I raised my two children. And now I have nothing. You know my house isn’t worth anything. I have no money. And I said "What do I do," but what do all these other people do after me?

This is a story of Nevada's only charity oncology clinic where since December 31, there has been no chemotherapy for new outpatients and Helen Sharp along with 2000 other in need of treatment received this letter;

"Dear patient, we regret to inform you that the Nevada Cancer Institute will no longer provide contract oncology services at University Medical Center."

Helen Sharp's answer to "What do I do?" and the answer to every victim in this story of outrage is "I don't know." Everywhere they turn  as their cancer eats more and more of their bodies all they hear is "I don't know."

No matter what Nevada's politics are this is a story for Washington to address. This is a story that can change the national debate from politicians talking about escalating health care cost, people's bankruptcies, lost homes, and small businesses closing their doors to what American's are really facing today.

This should be addressed by the Federal government immediately and our Democratic leaders better be willing to acknowledge these Americans just like hurricane or flood victims in what sounds like another case of government sponsored negligent homicide.

If you have not seen that 60 Minute segment then watch this video and see how outraged you become.  

Watch CBS Videos Online

This was no story on a blog and people will be talking about this by the water cooler in the morning. This story needs to go super viral right now. Change that health care debate from something that should be done someday to something that is inexcusable and force them to admit that the cracks that too many Americans are falling through need to be fixed, now.

Many Americans have lost their jobs and with the unemployment payments being so low COBRA is not the answer. This government needs to provide answers to someone other than bankers.

Please contact your representatives and ask "How many more Americans need to be sacrificed to the medical free market of death?" Please send the video link to everyone you know and ask them to do the same. Please do whatever you can because this is something that needs to stop.

Originally posted to Eddie C on Sun Apr 05, 2009 at 08:56 PM PDT.

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