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A few minutes ago on Meet The Press, Arlen Specter made it very clear that he has no intention of supporting will not support health care reform which includes a public health plan option.


Here's a link to Arlen on MTP responding to several questions on the public option.

In the very near future, the web site Stand With Dr. Dean will become ground zero as the go-to place on the web for everything relating to the fight for the public option.

This will be a fight like nothing you have ever seen. It will be up to you and me, ordinary citizens who will have to mobilize and push back against feeble minds like Arlen the special interests who own him, and the insurance industry. If we don't shame or primary people like Arlen Specter into submission, and if we fail to get a strong and robust public health plan option, we will have healthcare reform in name only.

I urge you to check back with Dr. Dean's site frequently. It is in the process of being dramatically upgraded, it will have a blog, an action center, continual news updates, and a congressional tracker so you'll know where your representative stands on the public option.  For the love of Jesus and to finally make affordable and guaranteed healthcare a right, I hope everyone will register and participate. Lots of important action on the public health plan option will originate from the Stand With Dr. Dean web site.

Let's talk down and dirty about all hands on board. The time has arrived. If we fail, we'll have to look at ourselves. But that won't happen--failure is not an option. You and I elected Barack Obama against all odds, now we will force those we elect to do our business, to give the American people the right to chose, just a simple choice, whether they want to keep their for-profit health coverage (that's fine), or select a public option.

It's all about a choice, nothing frightening, just a choice.

In addition, there is an emergency conference call with Howard Dean tomorrow, to discuss the public health plan option. The call/forum  is open to everyone. Please participate!

One more point about Mr. Spector, our newest "democrat", he was proud to tell Mr. Gregory that he was badly misquoted, he wants you to know that he has no intention of being a "loyal democrat".

Originally posted to nyceve on Sun May 03, 2009 at 09:51 AM PDT.

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