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► Azadi (Freedom) square in Tehran


► Hot off the press - photos of today's massive rally

► And to any poor soul who ever thought women and men are unequal in courage and valor, choke on these pictures.


UPDATE 5:15 PM Eastern)



► These brave women -- these FREEDOM FIGHTERS  -- these are the patriots Cheney, McCain, and Rumsfeld wanted to bomb back to the stone age.



UPDATE 3:15 PM Eastern)

► Sadly/tragically -- Iranians are now giving their lives for freedom.

► Richard Engel on MSNBC reports the march is 5 miles long and atleast 1,000,000 strong



► Climbing up and tagging the Freedom Tower.



► Mir Hossein Mousavi addresses the rally.

"I can see for Miles and Miles" -- You can see Azadi (Freedom) square at the top of the photo, that's how LONG and how MASSIVE the march was.




► Women rush to save a protester being mugged by thugs.

► Pro-State thugs hurl rocks outside of the University.

Originally posted to Al Rodgers on Mon Jun 15, 2009 at 10:48 AM PDT.

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