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"No one in their right mind can believe" the official results from Friday's contest, Grand Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri said of the landslide victory claimed by Ahmadinejad.

Iran's senior ayatollah slams election, confirming split

learned of at huffpo:

nico pitney

Iran's senior ayatollah, Grand Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri, harshly criticized the election and the force used by the government, confirming rumors of a split among the senior ayatollahs. The Supreme Leader  Ali Khamenei offered to recount the votes, but Mousavi is (rightly) refusing the offer, fearing any "recount" would be just as crooked as the election (my words, not his).

But Montazeri did not mince words:

"A government not respecting people's vote has no religious or political legitimacy," he declared in comments on his official Web site. "I ask the police and army personals (personnel) not to 'sell their religion,' and beware that receiving orders will not excuse them before God."

A little more on Montazeri:

leader of the 1979 Islamic revolution who's often feuded with Khamenei and once vied with him for the supreme leader's position, Montazeri accused the government of attacking "the children of the people with astonishing violence" and "attempting a purge, arresting intellectuals, political opponents and scientifics."

This seems like great news, and I hope it leads to a new election.

McClatchy also stated that the state killed 11 protesters, 8 confirmed.

It seems there may be at least two "armies" in Mehdi's camp: the Basij, a "hard-line Islamic volunteer militia," and the Revolutionary Guard.  

Since Iran forbade Western news organizations from broadcasting anything, we don't have the inspiring march footage we had yesterday. If anyone has good video, please post.

Luckily, I hotlisted Kaelri's blog, which has good links. Fleet Admiral, clifflyon, and electricmaji and more also had terrific diaries. I would provide links but I'm not sure of the spelling of their handles. Nico Pitney's at huffpo is at the top.


I'm just copying Kaelri's links here, because I thought their might be an interest in an Iran diary to post thoughts and new info to, and I figured instead of asking about it, I might as well post one. Thank you, all of you who kept the diaries going!


andrew sullivan

tehran bureau

the lede

juan cole

Please add videos of the silent march today if you have them, or whatever. If someone has the link to the awesome Green Revolution poster, would you post it?  And feel free to post links to all of your diaries, too.


Al Giordano
Thanks dr fatman.

ndhapple has lots of links: ndhapple's diary

wiki background on Montazeri from jaywillie:

Sylvester McMonkey Mcbean brings us a new site:  fark

Frank Cornish's Iran Analysis:
Frank Cornish

COwoman's Iran Tonight:

CanuckinMA gives us Montazeri's whole statement, and more:
occident blogspot

Yikes! I either forgot or missed this very news in Clifflyon's diary, the one mentioned earlier.  Here's the link:
CliffLyon's Diary, featuring Payman

smugbug gives us a source who saw the Iranian military protecting the protesters:

Update II

Another tip from jaywillie and huffpo:
Rafsanjani calling meeting

Originally posted to polar bear on Tue Jun 16, 2009 at 06:42 PM PDT.

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